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The Dating Playbook

Author: Farrah Rochon
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2021-08-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1472273834
Rating: 4.3/5 (34 downloads)

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'With smoking hot chemistry, next to no angst, and a friend group that is literally squad goals, Rochon has written another winner' - The Dating Playbook is one of Vulture's Best Romances of 2021! If you love Helen Hoang, Abby Jimenez and Talia Hibbert, you'll LOVE Farrah Rochon, whose books are always witty, hot, and engaging (BuzzFeed)! 'A total knockout: funny, sexy, and full of heart' Kirkus What happens when three women discover, thanks to the live tweeting of a disastrous date, that they've all been duped by the same man? They become friends of course! The dating game is on. And the rules just went out the window. When it comes to personal training, Taylor Powell kicks serious butt. Unfortunately, her bills are piling up, rent is due, and the money situation is dire. Taylor needs more than the support of her new best friends, Samiah and London. She needs a miracle. And Jamar Dixon might just be it. The oh-so-fine former footballer wants to get back into the NFL, and he wants Taylor to train him. There's just one catch - no one can know what they're doing. But when they're accidentally outed as a couple, Taylor's game plan is turned completely upside down. Is Jamar just playing to win...or is he playing for keeps? Raves for Farrah Rochon: 'Relatable and real... I smiled the whole time I was reading' Andie J. Christopher 'The free-spirited, tell-it-like-it-is page-turner you've been looking for!' Kwana Jackson 'A multilayered story about friendship, love, and following your dreams - all of it told with heart and emotion' Nalini Singh 'Funny, fresh, sexy, and heartfelt. This is my new favorite romance series' Suzanne Brockmann 'A smart, funny digital-age romance about real women living in the real world. Couldn't put it down!' Abby Jimenez 'A masterpiece of modern-day Jane Austen with effortless, razor-sharp social commentary, romance, and humor. Farrah Rochon is one of the absolute best romance writers today. Period' Kristan Higgins 'Swoon-worthy romance, the power of true friendship, and a grand gesture that makes your heart sigh with pure satisfaction. Absolutely a must-read summer romance!' Priscilla Oliveras 'Rochon is a romance master who adeptly writes interesting and dynamic characters... A richly layered conflict adds depth and complexity to this charming workplace romance' Kirkus

Download Dating Playbook: Proven Tips, Lines, and Tricks to Pick Up Girls and Boys (Dating Tips on How to Capture a Girl's Heart, Make Her Fall in Love With You) PDF

Dating Playbook: Proven Tips, Lines, and Tricks to Pick Up Girls and Boys (Dating Tips on How to Capture a Girl's Heart, Make Her Fall in Love With You)

Author: Natalie Summers
Publsiher: Natalie Summers
Total Pages: 197
Release: 2022-10-29
Genre: Self-Help
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Dating Playbook: Proven Tips, Lines, and Tricks to Pick Up Girls and Boys (Dating Tips on How to Capture a Girl's Heart, Make Her Fall in Love With You) Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Do you have trouble getting matches on your dating apps? Ever wonder why women don’t reply to your messages? Did you just delete your dating apps just because they never seemed to work? If you find any of these sound familiar, don’t worry, you are not alone. One in three couples finds each other online. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the dating apps use from last resort to the first choice, as well as shifted dating into the online space. However, many men who have signed up to dating apps/sites, never get even one date, not to mention the rejection and ghosting. So, how can you win her over from zillions of your competitors online? Honest and hard-hitting, these principles tackle: Practical struggles of choosing a partner in the modern day. Identifying a potential mate with the right qualities. The advantage that women have in the dating stage. The tools necessary to form a committed, long-lasting bond. These keys of success are custom-fit for those who are searching for the right partner or for those who would like to be sure that their current relationship is on the right track. Most people never get a second date. This is despite the first date going apparently as they had planned. This book aims to explore the reasons why this happens and hopefully, give you an insight that will help you increase your chances of getting the second date and eventually landing your dream partner. I invite you to dig into the pages of this book and glean the wisdom therein. It is time to kiss goodbye those lonely nights. It is time to experience successful dates that lead to fulfilling relationships. It is my hope that the insight you get from this book will help you achieve exactly that.

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The Dating Playbook for Men

Author: Andrew Ferebee
Total Pages: 196
Release: 2015-07-06
Genre: Dating (Social customs)
ISBN: 9780692678671
Rating: 4.2/5 (786 downloads)

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Is It Worth $15 To Learn How To Meet, Attract and Keep the Women You Most Desire? Is it worth $15 to have access to a proven strategy that can help turn even the shyest man into an attractive social man capable of dating the women he really wants. Is it worth $15 to learn how to turn your biggest obstacle (fear of rejection and not being enough) into your #1 asset? To eliminate your approach anxiety, increase your social confidence, and to develop the single most important trait (no it's not what you think) required to improve your dating life and relationships. Unlike the other "dating advice" books on the market, the Dating Playbook For Men isn't packed with fluff and filler content that leaves you even more confused before you picked up the book. No games. No rah rah motivation. No weird seduction tactics. It's just raw, actionable content designed to turn you into the strongest version of yourself capable of dating the women you truly desire. It's worked for 1000s of men already so there is no reason why it cannot work for you too. One word of warning: If you expect a magic "push of a button" formula that will require no effort on your part then you are completely mistaken and you may want to exit this page. What you will receive is a mindset shift and a Proven 7 Step Strategy that will give you the courage to take action and change not only your dating life - but who you are as a man, which will positively affect every other aspect of your life as a bonus. Inside this action packed book you're about to learn: How to deepen your masculine polarity to become a stronger Grounded Man. How to understand what women really want and desire at their core from men. How to build an adventurous social life that women can't get enough of. How to go out, meet women and get them to chase you without being needy. How to go from getting her phone number to the setting up the first date. How to have a perfect first, second and third date - and beyond. How to naturally transition from dating and into a relationship. How to have a happy and loving relationship and be the Grounded Man that she'll want to be with and won't cheat on. Now let me ask you a question... Where will you be in 30 days? Will you be in the same old situation, scared of talking to women, desiring the girl you saw at the coffee shop or gym, but being crippled by your approach anxiety. Or will you be a man of purpose. A man who doesn't hesitate when he sees a woman he desires, and has a calendar filled with exciting dates with beautiful women who are fighting for your attention? It's up to you. If you spent $15 and all it did was finally... Make you a confident grounded man who goes after what he wants in life.... Would it be worth it? Help you overcome your fear of approaching women... Would it be worth it? Have weekends packed with adventurous social activities with fun and beautiful women.... Would it be worth it? Stop you from experiencing a heart wrenching breakup that steals years away from your life.... Would it be worth it? Join Andrew Ferebee now on the greatest adventure you'll ever have and one that every man must fully commit to at least once in their lives. This is your time. You're going to like the man you become after reading this book. 1000s of men live by it.

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Casanova Secrets

Author: Stanley W Rogers
Publsiher: Han Global Trading Pte Limited
Total Pages: 146
Release: 2020-10-11
ISBN: 9781702916646
Rating: 4.2/5 (166 downloads)

Download Casanova Secrets Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Are You Dying To Be A Love Magnet?Do you always regret not getting the lady of your choice?Tired of being single and lonely?Are you getting "friend-zoned" before you even speak?Be The Casanova Today? "Attracting Sexy Women" is a guide for the unsatisfied. Men who find themselves in relationships with women they aren't truly attracted to will benefit from this work, because it will help them learn what their core mistake is. They do care too little about themselves-even if they are naturally endowed. There is no plant with just a seed. There must be care. To attract the best of women, boys must grow into men. A sexy woman will want a sexy man-that is the natural balance of things. Become what you want to attract from the world, and it will crowd you because you deserve it. The problem isn't with what you have-it's with how you use it. Inside this book you will discover: - Examinations of the Relationships Between Men and Women and How to Navigate Them Successfully; - How to Identify When to Approach Potential Dates and When a Woman Is Interested in You; - How to Build Your Relationship with Yourself and Grow into an Attractive Expression of Yourself; - How to Healthily Attract High-Profile Mates; - How to Manifest Your Ideal Reality Without Having to Sacrifice Yourself; - An Approach Focused on Self-Responsibility and Self-Growth-Centered on Pragmatic Strategies for Bettering Your Life; and - Bartering with the World Through Good Intentions and Genuine Effort. If you are ready to turn on your "kill switch", Scroll Up And Click On The "BUY NOW" Button Now!

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Bending the Rules

Author: Mariah Dietz
Total Pages:
Release: 2020-04-16
ISBN: 9781944206130
Rating: 4.4/5 (61 downloads)

Download Bending the Rules Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

It started with a crush.The best stories always do.Our story sounds predictable.Short-lived.Destined for failure.Lincoln Beckett is the star wide receiver of Brighton University-smart, funny, and like many would guess,heartbreak shines in his dark blue eyes and is etched across his steel jaw.He's popular, a guaranteed draft pick, and worst of all:My brother's best friend.It's a tale of unrequited love.I tried not to like him.I have an entire list of reasons.Reasons that led me to Derek Jones.Derek's the other starting wide receiver for Brighton University.A transfer who's proving to be a promising athlete that doesn't play by the rules.His brown eyes hold promises-ones solely for me.When Lincoln offers me a sideways glance, Derek stares.And when Derek leans closer, it's Lincoln whose touch I feel.Adversaries on the field-and now off.It wasn't meant to be a love triangle.That was reserved for the classics,Gatsby and Mr. Darcy.I've never been uncertainUntil now.

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Author: Lanie Stevens
Total Pages: 164
Release: 2020-06-18
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download FU*K the RULES Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

PLAY BY YOUR OWN RULES Are you still reading rule books written by men or by "experts" from the 80s? Get advice from The Relationship Expert with over 20 years experience empowering women.KEEP ATTRACTION ALIVE & GROWINGAre you sitting around wondering why men ghost you after a few months? Do you keep hooking up with the wrong man in your search for love? Weed out the players and find a keeper! Don't waste your precious time and energy on men that don't deserve your attention.STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP - Don't stay in a relationship because of fear; - If you're going "all in" too soon it will harm your relationship; - It's not necessary to chase him but learn how to approach him first; - Chasing him will just make him run faster; - What are the 3 things that turns a man off?ADVICE, MEDITATIONS & FREEBIES Check out other tips, techniques and empowering companion meditations on my website. Just scroll down and look at my "author page" for more information. LANIE'S "SECRET" BOOKS FOR WOMEN Learn secret techniques for love, sex, commitment and marriage. Available ONLY on Manifesting Love teaches you a powerful "love spell", EFT to help you emotionally, and LOA for love. How to Make Him Burn With Desire will make him desire you sexually and passionately using remote seduction.Breakup to Makeup helps you not make mistakes during a breakup and gets your man back into your arms fast!The Miracle Mindset will help you shift your subconscious beliefs so you are a manifesting magnet.: -)

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The Online Dating PlayBook

Author: Joe Rivera
Total Pages: 110
Release: 2019-11-24
ISBN: 9781710371673
Rating: 4.0/5 (716 downloads)

Download The Online Dating PlayBook Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A Men's Guild To Successful Online Dating: Have you ever thought to yourself: What can I do to make online dating work for me before I decide to quit? What can I do to get the results I so desperately want? Where can I find a book that can guide me step by step before I start dating online and help me become successful in finding the type of relationship I am looking for? This book will teach you what you need to do to start going on dates immediately. Once the strategies and techniques in this book are implemented, you will see the results you are looking for. Whether you're looking for friends, hooking up, dating, serious relationship, or even marriage, this book will help you. You will find straightforward information in this book, all the fluff was left out. Get your copy now and begin to receive the results you've been seeking. Here are some of the things you will learn: First and foremost, you will learn how to develop tougher skin and not let any negative comments women make, affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically. You will find out why most men fail at online dating and what to avoid so you won't commit the same mistakes. How to properly set up your profile to get you the relationship you are seeking. What dating apps to use and how to use them to better your odds. How to "Read between the lines" when reading through women's profiles. You'll learn how to structure messages, what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. What to do when you're meeting for the first time. Everything from, having great conversations, how to prep before the date, and most importantly, what to do while on the date. How and when to exit a bad date. What to do if you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. What to do if you are looking to "hookup" AKA One Nightstand. Eight action steps to use as a guide. Men, how you look won't stop you from getting the results you want but what you do and don't do, will! Happy Success! Enjoy the book and everything you will learn from it.

Download Be the Asshole that Women Can't Resist, Dating Playbook to Become the Best Pick Up Artist in the Game. Learn the Essentials on How to Date Like a Player PDF

Be the Asshole that Women Can't Resist, Dating Playbook to Become the Best Pick Up Artist in the Game. Learn the Essentials on How to Date Like a Player

Author: Cory Smith
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2020-06-17
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Be the Asshole that Women Can't Resist, Dating Playbook to Become the Best Pick Up Artist in the Game. Learn the Essentials on How to Date Like a Player Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Let me make one thing very clear: you teach people how to treat you based on how you behave and your perception of your worth. Simply assume a position of status and it will be given to you. Doubt yourself and others will question your authority. If you think that you aren't worth much then women will sense this and treat you accordingly. If you sincerely believe that you are gold then you will organically exude a sexy confidence that turns women ON. Some men have struggled with an inferiority complex for years because everyone around them treats them like a doormat, and they don't stand up for themselves. Stop being a push-over beta male who lives only to please others but doesn't make his own needs, and goals a priority. Recognize your high worth, demand respect and have clear boundaries in place Remember: if a woman treats you like shit and you allow this then she will start seeing you as shit. Don't be around people who put you down because that leads to having compromised self-esteem and confidence levels. By creating an environment that is conducive to personal growth, you tap into a massive force-amplifier. YOU ARE A KING; how much longer will you continue to behave like a peasant? YOU ARE A 10. It is beneath you to behave like a 5. YOU ARE A GOD AMONG MEN. Why would you settle for an old, unattractive, ugly and overweight woman? You deserve better! Avoid thinking negatively. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. By focusing on what's good in your life, your strengths, talents, and gifts then you will feel inspired to make massive radical action every day towards accomplishing your goals. Don't dwell on the past and past mistakes. Focus on the present and MAKE EACH DAY COUNT! Approach women and start conversations with DOMINANCE and AUTHORITY. Command her full body-language prior to opening. Every approach that you do makes you smarter, and adds to your reference experiences. The first approach of the day is the hardest. But after you do a couple of approaches, you will be warmed up, in the zone, leveraging momentum and approaches will flow easily. Once you hit the zone, don't stop! Start conversations with women by having 100% belief that it will work. Confidence will move mountains. How you feel, is how you act. If you FEEL needy then, unattractive clingy behavior will leak. If you FEEL weak, submissive behavior will leak. FEEL LIKE YOU OWN THE ROOM. The world is your home. A woman is in your territory not the other way around. Be the most dominant man in the room. Life is short and in the end we all die. Don't wait to live life to the fullest. Be the best version of yourself starting right now. As an Alpha Male be extremely, extremely aggressive in hunting down what you want in the game of life! Set goals, and execute them like a charging bull. A man with drive, ambition and fearlessness will get far in life - whether it's having sex with a cute girl, or scoring big bucks in a business deal. There is one thing that you must understand. FUCK WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!!!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE A PRISONER OF OTHER PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS. Seek that which you desire and don't be held back by worrying what other people will think of you. Let them think what they want!!! FUCK EM. What matters is what you think!! EXECUTE YOUR GOALS LIKE A MACHINE and FUCK anyone who stands in your way. I don't care what your past was. I don't care about how

Download Defining the Rules PDF

Defining the Rules

Author: Mariah Dietz
Total Pages: 364
Release: 2020-07-30
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Defining the Rules Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

It started with friendship.The best stories always do.Our story sounds unlikely.Bizarre.A fable.Like wine and cheese and my favorite pair of jeans, Things got better over time-Too good, it seemed.Arlo Kostas was the starting running back for Brighton University.His quick smile and sharp witWas enough to disarm even the biggest cynic.And his perfectly defined abs and more perfect face, Convinced the rest.I was homesick, Counting down the days until I returned home for spring break when we met.Clinging to memories I'd been trying to hold onto for yearsAnd then he tipped my world upside down.Maybe it was bad luck.Perhaps we were jinxed, But things between Arlo and I were doomed, Right from the very start.We were supposed to be friends but like everything, Things kept getting blurred, Now, we're Defining the

Download Show Us Your #?@$! PDF

Show Us Your #?@$!

Author: Ryan Mason-Hall
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2018-08-02
ISBN: 9781720752646
Rating: 4.0/5 (526 downloads)

Download Show Us Your #?@$! Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

I ask you thisIs meeting the LOVE of your life worth the effort?Is having a great SEX life worth the effort?Is having a great relationship worth the effort?Ryan MASON-HALL discusses how even the most timid of persons can become an irresistible one noting how to ATTRACT and KEEP the person of your Dreams!Forget the NERVOUSNESSForget not knowing what to sayForget not knowing what to doForget not knowing how to make initial contactForget FEAR, REJECTION and DOUBT about not being GOOD enough.Instead INSTAL...Confidence, SEX Appeal, being wanted, being the REAL YOU to attract the REAL Other!But make no mistake:You will need practice but you will LOVE DOING IT!If you want a quick fix in one minute...Forget it.Here is one in roughly 60 minutes!In 'Show Us Your #?@$!' - The DATING PLAYBOOK showing you HOW to Get the Person of your DREAMS - the easy way!! Ryan MASON-HALL, leading researcher, scholar and experience coach reveals:...The LUST DUST: that stuff that if used properly will have them quivering at their knees...How to Build a Relationship...The SECRET SEX Business...Exploding the SEX Myths...7 ways to make them WANT You...SEX SPOTS that are guaranteed to send them CRAZYHere is a change in mindset delivered by 'Show Us Your #?@$!' that other books simply fail to do.Here there is NO B.S just:...How to Understand what the other wants...How to make a commitment...How to understand BODY LANGUAGE...How to keep the passion flame burning includingSEX APPEAL, and the Chemical ATTRACTIONOne word of DANGER:You CANNOT use this BOOK to LIENow do you want to 'Show Us Your #?@$!...It aint Rocket Science nor do I want it to be!It's about REAL people, REAL research.It's about ACTUAL events, practice and SEX! Quite simply...The DATING PLAYBOOK showing you HOW to Get the Person of your DREAMS - the easy way!!

Download The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women PDF

The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women

Author: Scott McDougal
Total Pages: 244
Release: 2020-05-22
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781734854602
Rating: 4.4/5 (546 downloads)

Download The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Are you a strong, independent, financially driven woman who's sick and tired of traditional dating advice that isn't working? Are you attracting enough quality men who meet your standards? Are men stepping up and pursuing you the way you want them to? Do most of your first dates lead to second dates? How many times have you liked a guy, but never took any action to advance the cause? Have you ever been ghosted by a guy without any clear reason why? Have you had your fair share of serious relationships, but most have ended in heartbreak? Does online dating make you want to pull your hair out? This New Dating Playbook will empower you to go from "Dating Sucks" to "We're in love!" faster and easier, or to simply have a lot more fun dating than you're likely having now. How does it work? The New Dating Playbook for Badass Women is based on the latest gender and behavioral psychology, brain science, and three universal laws of human nature. Apply these little-known dating and relationship strategies and you will have a huge advantage over other women-a proven shortcut from "I quit" to "He put a ring on it!"

Download Writing the Rules PDF

Writing the Rules

Author: Mariah Dietz
Total Pages: 370
Release: 2021-04-21
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Writing the Rules Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Poppy Anderson was nailing her sophomore year at Brighton University. She liked her classes, had the greatest best friend, and was finally ready to start dating again. Or she was ... until her ex, Mike, transferred to Brighton and started exchanging long stares and inside jokes that Poppy thought he'd forgotten.Paxton Lawson was long ago labeled 'The Golden Boy.' Starting quarterback and team captain at Brighton University, his future was brighter than the sun until a short path of indiscretions tarnished his name and potentially his future. When he learns that his sister's best friend, Poppy, has backed herself into a corner and is facing as many doubts and uncertainties as he is, Paxton suggests the biggest ruse of the year: a fake relationship.Writing the rules was supposed to make things clear, defined, and definite. Only, their relationship becomes increasingly complex as the lines are blurred, days become weeks, and kisses for show begin to feel like confessions.Can lies lead to truths? And what happens when the rules they wrote begin to expire?One lie, Two hearts, And fifteen years of friendship are about to be put to the ultimate test.Writing the Rules is a complete standalone and can be read independently, but is book 6 in The Dating Playbook serie

Download Dating Advice For Women - Banking the Guy PDF

Dating Advice For Women - Banking the Guy

Author: J. S. Parker
Publsiher: Jw Choices
Total Pages: 254
Release: 2020-06-15
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9789814950381
Rating: 4.4/5 (53 downloads)

Download Dating Advice For Women - Banking the Guy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Dear Ladies, Are you looking to hook the man of your dreams? Do you want him to want you without giving too much away? Do you want to make youself so irresistable to them that they can't get enough of you? Introducing "Banking the Guy" The Lady's Manual To Captivating Him Like No Other Heres What You Will Learn In This Book: Proven Tips and Strategies to Talking And Winning Over The Mean of Your Dreams How To Win Over His Heart With Key Charm Words How To Make Him Fall In Love With you Secret Tips of Women Who Have Been Successful in Their Relationships Vital Communication Skills To Keep Him Interested And Much Much More! Pick up your of Banking The Guy by clicking the "BUY NOW" button at the top of this page!

Download Dating Playbook PDF

Dating Playbook

Author: Mark Robbins
Total Pages: 156
Release: 2020-11-16
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Dating Playbook Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Do you want to maximize your potential with dating? Tired of rejection, feeling depressed cause you have no "Game" with Men or Women? Want to know the ultimate strategies to be successful in dating? Then you have the right book! I won't bore you with mindset techniques or meditation, hypnosis mumbo jumbo, NO! I will lay it all on the line from what I have learned traveling the world and dating over 1000 women domestically and internationally. Too many of us today are beat down with misinformation online about what being a master in dating really is, from coaches to self-proclaimed "Gurus" they all have the answers and then they offer you a bonus or lead to their website to purchase more crap, not with me, I am here to help you and all easily and effectively! Inside you will learn: How to achieve calm and resolve around men and women 10 strategies that will boost your self-confidence and willpower Time management and what gets the girl Mental toughness and self-discipline Why most men and women fail in the dating game and end up giving up Online dating is it safe and what to look out for 30 day ultimate guide to get you started Essential reading of books that are powerful for mind hacks How to act and dress on all occasions Attraction and seduction, what are the differences Romance, Love, Communication Skills to be the MAN Why you don't need to be a millionaire to get the one you want Anxiety, nervousness and procrastination and how to beat it And much much more! Are you ready to take action in life? Don't wait another minute and get this book now, you won't regret it! Check out the audiobook available at for listening on the go!

Download How to Not Be That Guy PDF

How to Not Be That Guy

Author: Dominique Cobb
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 50
Release: 2014-05-12
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781499179354
Rating: 4.9/5 (793 downloads)

Download How to Not Be That Guy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

How to Not be That Guy is an easy read, with everything you need to know, and nothing that you don't! Throughout the book you'll be introduced to a few guys. These guys are your typical run-of-the-mill guys; handsome enough, with good heads on their shoulders. They are overall “good guys,” but somewhere along the way, they found themselves becoming That Guy. You'll be able to take a peek at their dating blunders and determine what can be done to prevent these behaviors in the future. Perhaps you will discover that you share some of their mishaps. If so, this playbook will definitely prove to be beneficial.

Download Breaking the Rules PDF

Breaking the Rules

Author: Mariah Dietz
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2020-04-29
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Breaking the Rules Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Sticks and stonesmight bruise my bones, but these rules are guaranteed to break me.The Romans have a famous saying: "The stars incline us, they do not bind us."The words hold so much weight, and importance, They're stained on my skin.Just like she is.The ink may not be visible, But the binds are indisputable, Pulling me back to her like a rough tide.Impossible to leave.However, time has proven, freewill or not, it will take more than bending the rules to be with her, it will require breakin

Download Missing the Rules PDF

Missing the Rules

Author: Mariah Dietz
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 150
Release: 2021-11-24
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Missing the Rules Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Five years later, Lincoln Beckett and I are still finding ways to stretch and bend the rules, breaking those that threaten to hinder us. To an outsider, everything looks perfect. But with each day apart and each new obligation, I'm learning that even strengths have their weaknesses and perfection has its flaws. Now, one night-one question-is blurring our entire future. Will we be strong enough to forge our own rules? Or will we be lost missing them?