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Making Love Work While Leading Your Family

Author: Samuel Hayes
Total Pages:
Release: 2020-05-08
ISBN: 9781732938281
Rating: 4.2/5 (382 downloads)

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This book focuses on overcoming marriage difficulties. Dr. Sam (soldier, clergyman, academic, and businessman) and Dr. Drea (teacher, counselor, clergywoman, scholar, and businesswoman), team up as a power couple to unpack their experiences from 20-plus years of marriage. Through their problems, God's answers illuminate marriage lessons and leadership insights. We invite you to explore their journey-the good, the bad, and the ugly-in hopes of learning from their mistakes in order to chart your path to success.

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Thoughts for My Children

Author: Frank Sanders
Publsiher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Total Pages: 105
Release: 2022-12-07
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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My purpose in writing this short book is to share my thoughts with my loved ones, especially the children in my life. I hope these words will be a lasting legacy to my children and grandchildren as they grow up and after I am gone. None of these thoughts are original or insightful. They are simple truths and ideas. But young people seldom take the time to sit down and think about basic things. As people like me get older, we see young people make mistakes or suffer or destroy relationships and friendships over simple and obvious issues. I have often looked back and wished I had made some small things part of my approach much earlier in my life. I still often wish I could impart some time-gathered wisdom to my children and grandchildren to smooth their path, allow them to avoid mistakes, and give them a long-term perspective in this short-term, short-sighted world. This book is my effort to share some of what I have learned. These short chapters are not an exhaustive examination of the topics under discussion. Rather they are straight to the point and simple as a grandfather would make the point to a young person who is not excited about sitting down for a long discussion about "meaning of life" issues with Granddad. I hope the young people who read these words will get the gist. For those who need more depth, hopefully, these words will get the discussion started. I plan to share this book with my grandkids. I hope it will be of interest to them. But just as important, I hope this book will be read and appreciated by many grandparents who love their grandchildren. Maybe my words will give them a chance to have a short discussion with their own loved ones. They can share all or some of the points as they see fit. They can share my thoughts and add to them their own take. If they agree with me, this may be an easy way to share some truth and advice. If they disagree, this will be a good place to begin the conversation. I pray that once the habit of discussion with their grandchildren is established, they can share other thoughts that are important to them. God speed, Frank Sanders

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The Courageous Leader

Author: Angela Sebaly
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2017-02-23
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1119331803
Rating: 4.1/5 (3 downloads)

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Tap into everyday courage for extraordinary results The Courageous Leader presents a much-needed reminder for leaders everywhere: it takes courage. Courage is not just about heroic acts in grandiose situations—it's about everyday, solid-as-a-rock support and leadership that motivates, inspires, and delivers. It's about taking a risk on a great idea, and it's about seeing opportunities in the day-to-day. Courageous leaders aren't necessarily the bold "Navy SEALS" of the workplace; they're the everyday people who lead steadily through rough waters. They don't seek out discomfort, but accept it as part of the process when it occurs, and still deliver exceptional results. This book shows you how to tap into your courage reserves and build your steel. Real stories of everyday leaders show you how it's done, and provide a new lens for seeing real strength in adversity—and practicing it yourself. Tough situations do arise, but great leaders show courage every day. Keeping your strength in reserve for the big problems leaves you operating at less-than-full capacity the rest of the time—and your people deserve better. This book shows you how to exercise courage every day in small situations to build the unshakeable foundation of a great leader. Move beyond your comfort zone Develop your ability to focus through tough times Tap into your natural courage and hone your leadership ability Leverage your strength in situations large and small The more you exercise courage, the stronger it gets; this book shows you how to use it every day to more effectively navigate small challenges—when the big problems arise, you'll face them with The Courageous Leader.

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Power in the Spoken Word!

Author: Ezekiel Dayo Adetunji
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 111
Release: 2011-01-25
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1453593640
Rating: 4.3/5 (4 downloads)

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Do we, as human beings, truly understand the power of words we are using? Do we stop to think about effect of the words we use when we engage in a conversation, be it social or in confrontation? Do we analyze how the words we use can create an image for ourselves? Astonish of good luck, marvelous of joy, incredible success and fabulous of well-being! Reading this book will completely change your lifestyles and fetch you compliments from all those around you, which will ring in your ears like a gentle melody. Power in the spoken word is epitome of generosity with power of positive thinking to give you what is positive thinking. What might not work for others because of negative thought might work for you and change your life. Using words could be beautiful for a positive effect and could be wonderful for a negative result, so before you speak, think properly about what you want to say and what effect it could have on others. If you think you know how to speak, remember that someone knows how to hear you better than what you think. You will be in inundated with luck, happiness, richness of mind, success, love, good luck and fantastic health simply because you are positive. The assertiveness of words that come out from your mouth will be a blessing to yourself, to your neighbors, colleagues, and your children. When you say good words and speak blessings into your future, this might actually bring about good. However, if you have delusion that someone is cursing you, and you believe it even when there is no cause to believe it, you might actually meet someone and start fi ghting just for no reason. So whatever you believe will surely come to pass when you dont expect it. This book will suggest to you how you should be positive to yourself: How to be good, not be a Father Christmas! To be a good eater, not be a glutton! To be generous, not be selfi sh! To be sexually motivated, not be manic! To be a friend, not an enemy! To have a woman, not be a womanizer! To be straightforward, but not be rude! If you are dreaming of being promoted at your workplace, and when you get to your offi ce and discover there is no news of promotion, that is to tell you that you need to put more effort at your workplace, change your goodness to betterment, and betterment to best. At the end, by working towards the promotion, your dream of being promoted will surely come true. This book is all about positive thinking and describes ways in which you will get to where you are going. It will suggest to you where you should go and how to get there, work harder, keep on pressing, and not to relent your effort. By this, you will achieve a goal and reach where you are intending to go in style! Ezekiel Dayo Adetunji

Download It's Great Being a Dad PDF

It's Great Being a Dad

Author: Jay Payleitner
Publsiher: Harvest House Publishers
Total Pages: 226
Release: 2015
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0736962964
Rating: 4.2/5 (64 downloads)

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Three veteran dads offer their best practical advice so you can build awesome relationships with your kids. In partnership with the National Center for Fathering, they draw on their day-in, day-out experience to help you... creatively express care and affection in ways only a father can convey a positive perspective on life and the future teach, counsel, and guide in ways your children can receive and remember remind your kids--and yourself--that God is always there, listening and participating be a dad through all the stages of your kids' lives These time-tested ideas will reignite your passion for being a dad. You'll find the inspiration and know-how you need to engage with daughters and sons in the best ways possible and make your home their favorite place to be.

Download Fantastic Families Work Book PDF

Fantastic Families Work Book

Author: Joe Beam
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2010-05-11
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781439124086
Rating: 4.9/5 (24 downloads)

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Learn from 14,000 strong families how to have a fantastic family. With the help of this groundbreaking book, you can take the guesswork out of parenting and be assured that you are building not only a strong family—but a fantastic family. Based on the largest study ever done on strong families—14,000 families studied over twenty-five years—this book reveals six simple, yet profound, steps to building a fantastic family that will thrive for generations to come.

Download Making Love Last Forever PDF

Making Love Last Forever

Author: Gary Smalley
Publsiher: Thomas Nelson
Total Pages: 321
Release: 1997-08-08
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 141856589X
Rating: 4.5/5 (9 downloads)

Download Making Love Last Forever Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

For years Gary Smalley has helped millions of couples throughout North America enrich their relationships and deepen their bonds of love and companionship. In this extraordinary book, he shows you how to stay in love through all the stages of life. From first attraction to lifelong commitment, Gary's proven techniques and practical advice show you how to pursue and keep the love you want, and how to energize your relationship with enduring, passion-filled love. In this book you'll learn how to: Understand and use love's best-kept secret Deal with the number one enemy of love Turn headaches into more love Increase your energy to keep loving Find the power to keep on loving your spouse Use normal conflicts as doorways to intimacy Read a woman's built-in marriage manual twelve ways Divorce-proof your marriage Develop the five vital signs of a healthy marriage Respond to your partner's number one request Find the powerful secret to great love Bring out the best in your maddening mate With humor, empathy, and insight, Gary Smalley inspires you to fall in love with life and enjoy the deep satisfaction of a lifelong love. Down-to-earth examples, touching personal experiences, and inspiring spiritual principles will motivate you to bring about positive changes in your marriage-whether or not your mate is a willing participant. You'll learn how to tap resources at hand to help you follow through with your journey-and make your love last forever.

Download Meditation For Dummies PDF

Meditation For Dummies

Author: Stephan Bodian
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 423
Release: 2016-05-23
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 1119251168
Rating: 4.1/5 (68 downloads)

Download Meditation For Dummies Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Take an inward journey for a happier, healthier life Meditation has been used for centuries to reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance overall health and well-being—so it's no wonder more and more people in today's fast-paced and stress-centric world are adopting this age-old practice. If you want to achieve a greater state of calmness, physical relaxation, and psychological balance, Meditation For Dummies is your life raft. Covering the latest research on the health benefits of meditation, this new edition explains in plain English how you can put meditation into practice today and start reaping the benefits of living a more mindful life. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner coming back for a refresher course, this plain-English guide provides a wealth of tips and techniques for sitting (or lying) down with your mind to meditate successfully. From preparing your body for meditation to focusing your awareness and being open to the present moment, it covers everything you need to put distractions to rest and open yourself up to a meditation practice that works for you. Provides the latest research on the causes of happiness and how meditation can improve your mood Includes a new chapter on the growing trend of meditation in the workplace Explains how meditation and other mindfulness practices have made their way into hospitals, schools, prison, and military groups Illustrates the benefits of taking time to consciously cultivate mindfulness through meditation If you're ready to find some zen and benefit from all meditation has to offer, this friendly guide sets you up for success.

Download Marriage Beyond the Bed PDF

Marriage Beyond the Bed

Author: Paula Artis
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 108
Release: 2017-01-09
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 152457404X
Rating: 4.4/5 (4 downloads)

Download Marriage Beyond the Bed Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Marriage is a beautiful thing. The purpose of this book is to show and encourage the readers. After the wonderful wedding day and the honeymoon is over, the couple have to be willing to invest in each other to enjoy marriage beyond the bed. We must always remember that in a relationship, we both bring fears, insecurities, and baggage from our cultures and environment. We must leave these things in the past and move forward to unite to become one. Every marriage will have disagreements, challenges, and difficulties. This is part of the process to help us communicate effectively and grow with understanding. Everything in life is secured by its foundation; marriage is no exception. Your foundation must be built to support your marriage as a lifetime investment. There are different forms of communication; choose what is best for you and your spouse. There must be a determination between both partners; this is their lifetime commitment, and they must refuse to allow anything or anyone to separate them. Each one must have something to bring to the table. Acknowledge your expectations for each other, work hard to do your part, and your marriage will last beyond the bed and the honeymoon. Tommie and Paula encourage you to rekindle the marriage flame and keep it burning hot. You can love and be loved again. You can begin again!

Download Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States PDF

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

Author: United States. President
Total Pages: 1236
Release: 2003
Genre: Presidents
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

"Containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President", 1956-1992.

Download Reflective Empowerment PDF

Reflective Empowerment

Author: Philip Guy Rochford
Publsiher: Balboa Press
Total Pages: 410
Release: 2017-09-14
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1504381904
Rating: 4.1/5 (4 downloads)

Download Reflective Empowerment Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Reflect, design, and create an empowered life! Everything you think, speak, and do impact your life. You therefore have the power to make your life what you want it to be. Reflective Empowerment provides a simple but powerful program to design the life you want. It is a one-year program that builds one brick of empowerment on another brick of empowerment until your full brilliance of empowerment is unleashed. Reflective Empowerment shows you the following: How to move from apathy to empowerment Secrets and benefits of reflection Importance and benefits of action The practice of examining your life Where to put emphasis in your strategic thinking The route to your empowerment is mapped out in Reflective Empowerment, and it gives the background to show the connectedness to seven critical steps of empowerment: Self-awareness Vision of your purpose Clarification and details of your goals Embracing persistence Upgrading your skills Taking others to new heights Reviewing your results and targeting your better performance By actively following the simple daily guidelines as outlined in Reflective Empowerment, you design your own success and take control and responsibility for your own empowerment. Moreover, your empowerment blossoms fully when you support others to be their best, as well as positively contribute to the environment.

Download The New Manager PDF

The New Manager

Author: Steven Jacobs
Publsiher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2016-08-01
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1776091027
Rating: 4.1/5 (27 downloads)

Download The New Manager Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The complete, easy-to-follow handbook for newly appointed leaders. How do you cope if you are new to your management position? How do you lead well? What principles must you apply? You need help and you need it fast! This simple book will: provide you with all the necessary leadership principles to enable you to face your own unique challenges in leading your team; advise you on how to get the best out of your staff, as well as out of yourself; and equip you with the necessary skills to not only manage, but to lead. In this book, written by an author with years of experience in management, you will find solutions to typical workplace challenges through practical examples of what other leaders have faced in similar situations. As you work through daily issues in 52 easily accessible steps, you will build leadership skills in a concrete and lasting way. At the end of each chapter there are reflection questions to help you identify your current leadership approach. Whether you read it from beginning to end or dip into it as problems or queries arise, The New Manager will make your journey as a new leader exciting and allow you to prosper in every challenge.

Download How to Unlock Your Family's Genius PDF

How to Unlock Your Family's Genius

Author: David Simon
Total Pages: 226
Release: 2017-04-24
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1326886177
Rating: 4.6/5 (77 downloads)

Download How to Unlock Your Family's Genius Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This unique book is for parents, families, teachers and community workers who are involved in the education and welfare of families. In How to Unlock Your Family's Genius, the award winning author and educationalist, David Simon, shows families how they can take 11 simple steps and start to realise their true potential. This book uses empowerment literature, poetry, mini essays, short stories, and autobiographical writing to demonstrate to families how they can play an active role in enriching their own learning experience and development.

Download The Leadership Academy PDF

The Leadership Academy

Author: Can Akdeniz
Publsiher: Business Hacker Books
Total Pages: 700
Release: 2014-06-09
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 149978614X
Rating: 4.6/5 (4 downloads)

Download The Leadership Academy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Leadership Academy is a stellar collection of successful leadership books by two renowned business writers, Can Akdeniz and Jonas Stark. Collectively, these four books – Cool Boss: Master 11 Qualities of Today’s Greatest Leaders, Happy Company: How to Create a Happy, Trustable and Successful Business, The 9 Routines of Successful People: A Guidebook for Personal Change, and Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation – will help you steer both yourself and your company in a more successful direction. As you’ll learn, leadership skills can be developed in some pretty surprising ways – and innovation, positivity, and happiness all play major roles.

Download A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept PDF

A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept

Author: Matthew D. Jones Jr. LMSW ACSW
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 108
Release: 2011-06-09
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 146202808X
Rating: 4.8/5 (8 downloads)

Download A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A must-read, it is clear and complete for those contemplating marriage for the first time. It is very informative and discusses the important factors of having a blessed and meaningful marriage. It challenges ones thinking in a blunt way. Tracy Taylor I have been married since April, 1973, and wish I had read an insightful book like this. Its a comprehensive yet concise focus of an important and complicated subject. A book of candor, practicality, and precision. Ill be recommending it to both of my children and anyone I know who is planning to get married. Myra Tucker The book is powerful, profound, and comprehensive. It connects the history of marriage with the current institution we have inherited. It is well documented that half of all marriages may end in divorce, but love still prevails. This book, if read with an open and honest mind, could no doubt have a positive impact on improving the survival of marriages as we know it today. I highly recommend the book. Wes Johnson The book is done in a thoughtful and sensitive manner on such an important issue. Marriage is the most important decision two people will make in life. Why? Because you are partners for life. Matt 19:5:6 says, and they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore, they are no more twain, but one flesh. Prayer and good communication is very important for a marriage to last. Pastor Ken Anderson

Download True North, Emerging Leader Edition PDF

True North, Emerging Leader Edition

Author: Zach Clayton
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 326
Release: 2022-08-23
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 1119886112
Rating: 4.6/5 (12 downloads)

Download True North, Emerging Leader Edition Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A Clarion Call to Emerging Leaders: Step Up and Lead Now! In True North: Emerging Leaders Edition, renowned leadership expert Bill George and Millennial tech entrepreneur Zach Clayton issue the challenge to emerging leaders—from Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z—to lead their organizations authentically through never-ending crises to make this world a better place for everyone. Emerging leaders do so by discovering their “True North”—who they are—and then finding their “North Star”—their leadership purpose. To navigate today’s complexities, George and Clayton show emerging leaders how to lead with their hearts, not just their heads, with passion, compassion, and moral courage by being true to their values to reach their full potential as they take on great challenges and navigate complex issues. Harvard professor Bill George, with four best-selling books to his credit including the timeless classic True North, is the former CEO of Medtronic who established authentic leadership in 2003. He teams up with Zach Clayton, an emerging leader still amid his own leadership development journey, to give emerging leaders the definitive guide for leading in today’s complex world. The Emerging Leader Edition is filled with dramatic stories from successful leaders such as Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Merck’s Ken Frazier to PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi and General Motors’ Mary Barra, and emerging leaders like OneTrust’s Kabir Barday and Kanbrick’s Tracy Britt Cool of how they overcame great challenges to build highly successful organizations. The book offers concrete suggestions for: Becoming an authentic leader, equipped to lead inclusively with moral clarity through challenges and crises Cultivating regular introspection to ground yourself with self-awareness, live your values, and use your unique strengths Integrating all aspects of your life—including who you are at home, at work, and in the community Understanding how Millennials are leading more effectively in today’s world Being an inclusive leader prepared to take on fraught issues like stakeholder challenges, racial and sexual equality, and sexual misconduct Knowing when—and how—leaders should speak out on today’s complex public issues The Emerging Leader Edition of True North is the classic guide for every current and aspiring leader to reach their full, authentic potential.

Download Effective Leadership in the Family Business PDF

Effective Leadership in the Family Business

Author: Craig E. Aronoff
Publsiher: Family Enterprise Publisher
Total Pages: 152
Release: 2005
Genre: Family corporations
ISBN: 9781891652165
Rating: 4.1/5 (521 downloads)

Download Effective Leadership in the Family Business Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle