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John Adams

Author: Instaread
Publsiher: Instaread
Total Pages: 35
Release: 2016-06-13
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1683783441
Rating: 4.3/5 (41 downloads)

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John Adams by David McCullough | Summary & Analysis Preview: David McCullough’s John Adams is a biography designed to establish Adams’s place beside, or even above, better known figures such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington in the pantheon of national founders. It was published in 2001 and won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography. It was adapted into an HBO miniseries in 2008. Adams was the son of a farmer in the small town of Braintree, Massachusetts. His family recognized his intelligence and talent and invested in his education; his father sold land so that John could receive a BA from Harvard. He continued at Harvard to receive his law degree in 1758, then was mentored by John Putnam and admitted to the bar in 1759. He married Abigail Smith in 1764 and soon afterwards he began his career in public life with opposition to the British Stamp Act of 1765. Despite his ardent support of the colonies... PLEASE NOTE: This is summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. Inside this Instaread Summary of John Adams: Summary of the Book Important People Character Analysis Analysis of the Themes and Author’s Style About the Author With Instaread, you can get the key takeaways, summary and analysis of a book in 15 minutes. We read every chapter, identify the key takeaways and analyze them for your convenience.

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John Adams

Author: Alexander Sanchez-Behar
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 232
Release: 2020-04-21
Genre: Music
ISBN: 1351677934
Rating: 4.7/5 (34 downloads)

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John Adams: A Research and Information Guide offers the first comprehensive guide to the musical works and literature of one of the leading American composers of our time. The research guide catalogs and summarizes materials relating to Adams’s work, providing detailed annotated bibliographic entries for both primary and secondary sources. Covering writings by and interviews with Adams, books, journal articles and book chapters, newspaper articles and reviews, dissertations, video recordings, and other sources, the guide also contains a chronology of Adams’s life, a discography, and a list of compositions. Robust indexes enable researchers to easily locate sources by author, composition, or subject. This volume is a major reference tool for all those interested in Adams and his music, and a valuable resource for students and researchers of minimalism, contemporary American music, and twentieth-century music more broadly.

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The Education of John Adams

Author: R. B. Bernstein
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2020-04-21
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0197502725
Rating: 4.2/5 (25 downloads)

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The Education of John Adams is the first biography of John Adams by a biographer with legal training. It examines his origins in colonial Massachusetts, his education, and his struggle to choose a career and define a place for himself in colonial society. It explores the flowering of his legal career and the impact that law had on him and his understanding of himself; his growing involvement with the American Revolution as polemicist, as lawyer, as congressional delegate, and as diplomat; and his commitment to defining and expounding ideas about constitutionalism and how it should work as the body of ideas shaping the new United States. The book traces his part in launching the government of the United States under the U.S. Constitution; his service as the nation's first vice president and second president; and his retirement years, during which he was first a vexed and rejected ex-president and then became the revered Sage of Braintree. It describes the relationships that sustained him - with his wife, the brilliant and eloquent Abigail Adams; with his children; with such allies and supporters as Benjamin Rush and John Marshall; with such sometime friends and sometime adversaries as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson; and with such foes as Alexander Hamilton and Timothy Pickering. Bernstein establishes Adams as a key figure in the evolution of American constitutional theory and practice. This is the first biography to examine Adams's conflicted and hesitant ideas about slavery and race in the American context, raising serious questions about his mythic status as a friend of human equality and a foe of slavery. This book's foundation is the record left by Adams himself-- in diaries, letters, essays, pamphlets, and books. The Education of John Adams concludes by re-examining the often-debated question of the relevance of Adams's thought to our own time.

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The Character of John Adams

Author: Peter Shaw
Publsiher: UNC Press Books
Total Pages: 342
Release: 2014-01-01
Genre: History
ISBN: 0807839833
Rating: 4.9/5 (33 downloads)

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The formal side of Adams is reconciled with his remarkably colorful private life by Shaw's penetrating grasp of the whole man. Considerable attention is given to his clash of wills with Franklin in Europe and his later relationship with Jefferson. The account of Adams's twenty-five years of retirement after losing the presidency resolves some of the dilemmas arising from the long career of a man who was never really suited by temperament for politics. Originally published in 1976. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

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The Works of John Adams Vol. 6

Author: John Adams
Publsiher: Jazzybee Verlag
Total Pages: 335
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 3849693457
Rating: 4.3/5 (57 downloads)

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John Adams was the second President of the United States, ruling the country from 1797 to 1801, and one of the Founding Fathers. He was also a major leader of American independence from Great Britain. This is volume six out of ten of his works, this book containing the fourth Defence of the Constitution and the Discourses on Davila. The text is annotated with more than 150 endnotes.

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Brigadier General John Adams, CSA

Author: Leslie R. Tucker
Publsiher: McFarland
Total Pages: 247
Release: 2013-10-30
Genre: History
ISBN: 078647484X
Rating: 4.4/5 (4 downloads)

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John Adams is best remembered as one of the four Confederate generals who lay on the porch of the Carnton House, dead, when the Battle of Franklin ended on December 1, 1864. Unfortunately he did not leave much in the way of personal papers, and this biography has been pieced together from Army records and other sources, including accounts of his contemporaries. Adams's career in the U.S. Army gives us a good look at the military, the concept of Manifest Destiny, and the relations with those conquered by the Army, the Indians. This book also considers one of the more debated topics in Civil War history: why did a man who served the United States for most of his life resign his commission and side with the Confederacy?

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Fears of a Setting Sun

Author: Dennis C. Rasmussen
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2021-03-02
Genre: History
ISBN: 0691210233
Rating: 4.0/5 (33 downloads)

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Americans seldom deify their Founding Fathers any longer, but they do still tend to venerate the Constitution and the republican government that the founders created. Strikingly, the founders themselves were far less confident in what they had wrought, particularly by the end of their lives. In fact, most of them-including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson-came to deem America's constitutional experiment an utter failure that was unlikely to last beyond their own generation. Fears of a Setting Sun is the first book to tell the fascinating and too-little-known story of the founders' disillusionment. As Dennis Rasmussen shows, the founders' pessimism had a variety of sources: Washington lost his faith in America's political system above all because of the rise of partisanship, Hamilton because he felt that the federal government was too weak, Adams because he believed that the people lacked civic virtue, and Jefferson because of sectional divisions laid bare by the spread of slavery. The one major founder who retained his faith in America's constitutional order to the end was James Madison, and the book also explores why he remained relatively optimistic when so many of his compatriots did not. As much as Americans today may worry about their country's future, Rasmussen reveals, the founders faced even graver problems and harbored even deeper misgivings.

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Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts

Total Pages: 746
Release: 1982
Genre: Local history
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Primarily consists of: Transactions, v. 1, 3, 5-8, 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, 32, 34-35, 38, 42-43; and: Collections, v. 2, 4, 9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-31, 33, 36-37, 39-41; also includes lists of members.

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Revolutionary Dissent

Author: Stephen D. Solomon
Publsiher: St. Martin's Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2016-04-26
Genre: History
ISBN: 1466879394
Rating: 4.9/5 (94 downloads)

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When members of the founding generation protested against British authority, debated separation, and then ratified the Constitution, they formed the American political character we know today-raucous, intemperate, and often mean-spirited. Revolutionary Dissent brings alive a world of colorful and stormy protests that included effigies, pamphlets, songs, sermons, cartoons, letters and liberty trees. Solomon explores through a series of chronological narratives how Americans of the Revolutionary period employed robust speech against the British and against each other. Uninhibited dissent provided a distinctly American meaning to the First Amendment's guarantees of freedom of speech and press at a time when the legal doctrine inherited from England allowed prosecutions of those who criticized government. Solomon discovers the wellspring in our revolutionary past for today's satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann, and protests like flag burning and street demonstrations. From the inflammatory engravings of Paul Revere, the political theater of Alexander McDougall, the liberty tree protests of Ebenezer McIntosh and the oratory of Patrick Henry, Solomon shares the stories of the dissenters who created the American idea of the liberty of thought. This is truly a revelatory work on the history of free expression in America.

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Dictionary of Early American Philosophers

Author: John R. Shook
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 1288
Release: 2012-04-05
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 1441171401
Rating: 4.1/5 (1 downloads)

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The Dictionary of Early American Philosophers, which contains over 400 entries by nearly 300 authors, provides an account of philosophical thought in the United States and Canada between 1600 and 1860. The label of "philosopher" has been broadly applied in this Dictionary to intellectuals who have made philosophical contributions regardless of academic career or professional title. Most figures were not academic philosophers, as few such positions existed then, but they did work on philosophical issues and explored philosophical questions involved in such fields as pedagogy, rhetoric, the arts, history, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, medicine, anthropology, religion, metaphysics, and the natural sciences. Each entry begins with biographical and career information, and continues with a discussion of the subject's writings, teaching, and thought. A cross-referencing system refers the reader to other entries. The concluding bibliography lists significant publications by the subject, posthumous editions and collected works, and further reading about the subject.

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Pro File

Author: American Institute of Architects
Total Pages: 2104
Release: 2004
Genre: Architectural firms
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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The Untold War at Sea

Author: Kylie A. Hulbert
Publsiher: University of Georgia Press
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2022-01-15
Genre: History
ISBN: 0820360724
Rating: 4.0/5 (24 downloads)

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Efforts upon the waves played a critical role in European and Anglo-American conflicts throughout the eighteenth century. Yet the oft-told narrative of the American Revolution tends to focus on battles on American soil or the debates and decisions of the Continental Congress. The Untold War at Sea is the first book to place American privateers and their experiences during the War for Independence front and center. Kylie A. Hulbert tells the story of privateers at home and abroad while chronicling their experiences, engagements, cruises, and court cases. This study forces a reconsideration of the role privateers played in the conflict and challenges their place in the accepted popular narrative of the Revolution. Despite their controversial tactics, Hulbert illustrates that privateers merit a place alongside minutemen, Continental soldiers, and the sailors of the fledgling American navy. This book offers a redefinition of who fought in the war and how their contributions were measured. The process of revolution and winning independence was global in nature, and privateers operated at its core.

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... Return of Owners of Land, 1873

Author: England. Local Government Board
Total Pages: 988
Release: 1875
Genre: Land tenure
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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