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Going Down Easy

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages:
Release: 2016-07-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1942288077
Rating: 4.8/5 (77 downloads)

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Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell. Billionaire Kaden Barnes has a reputation for being difficult and always getting his way. Enigmatic and exacting, he’s unable to keep an assistant for long. Enter his newest hire, Lexie Parker. She’s no-nonsense, efficient and all business… She’s also hot as sin and soon starring in Kaden’s dirtiest fantasies. As their passion for each other reaches a boiling point, neither can control the explosive outcome when they finally give in to their desires. He may think he’s calling the shots, but for this bad boy, going down easy has never felt so good. *All Billionaire Bad Boys Novels stand alone.

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Goes Down Easy

Author: Alison Kent
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 253
Release: 2006
Genre: Man-woman relationships
ISBN: 0373792298
Rating: 4.2/5 (98 downloads)

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Private investigator Jack Montgomery doesn't want any help from a psychic on his kidnapping case. But when Jack meets the psychic's niece he changes his attitude.

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Easy Going

Author: Erin Nicholas
Publsiher: EN Fiction, Inc.
Total Pages: 70
Release: 2020-07-23
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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If she'd known the sexy, dirty-talking playboy behind the bar in New Orleans was a single dad, would she still have spent that weekend burning up the sheets with him? Very likely. A girl can't be expected to resist the take-your-panties-off trifecta-- jazz, bourbon, and naughty words said in a southern drawl. Not even a single mom with a ton of priorities that extend beyond the bedroom. But if she'd known just how dirty he'd play when he decided this could be the real thing, she never would have come back for a second weekend. Probably. A prequel to the Boys of the Big Easy series book one, Going Down Easy

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Better than Sexy

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 172
Release: 2020-02-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 194708934X
Rating: 4.9/5 (4 downloads)

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Insta-love only happens in the movies. Insta-lust? That she’d buy into. Until she meets take-charge club owner Landon Bennett and falls head over heels at a glance. When hot as sin Landon Bennet offers sexy songstress Vivienne Clark a summer residency at his popular Manhattan nightclub, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and she can’t resist. Add in the man’s obvious interest and seductive attention and life is perfect. Until she puts together the pieces of his past. Fate might have brought them together, but is the intimate relationship they’ve been building strong enough to overcome one painful fact. She’s the sister of the man who killed his twin.

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More than Sexy

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 169
Release: 2019-10-15
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1947089269
Rating: 4.9/5 (69 downloads)

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One protective alpha male plus one curvy damsel in distress equals an instant attraction they can’t deny. Billionaire nightclub owner Jason Dare doesn’t stand a chance. From the moment he lays eyes on the luscious blonde stuck on the side of the road and realizes she’s in danger, he goes from playboy to bodyguard. Faith Lancaster’s sweet body won’t come to any harm on his watch. And watch Faith he does. He can’t take his eyes off her. Jason will stop at nothing to keep Faith safe. Even if it means moving her into his apartment and letting her into his once private life. Hiding from her past, Faith has spent the last year building her candy business into a profitable company while keeping to herself and staying under the radar … until she meets the delicious Mr. Dare. Alpha and irresistible, he awakens desires she has long denied. It doesn’t take her long to succumb to his charms and fall hard for the man. They both have their reasons for keeping things casual but when Faith’s past catches up with her, can Jason finally claim the woman meant to be his? A Sexy Series / Dare Standalone

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Keeping Enemies Closer

Author: L.D. Stevens
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 566
Release: 2010-09-27
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1462813267
Rating: 4.3/5 (67 downloads)

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Shelby Harrison had everything she could ask for in this world—a wealthy father who doted on her, a great career, and wonderful friends. She thought she had everything she would ever need. Yet when Troy Matthews, the backup quarterback for the Tennessee Vipers, walked into her life with his megawatt smile, she finally knew what she’d been missing. Even though she’d witnessed a horrifying tragedy at a young age that forever changed her life, she kept her hopes high for a future that would let her keep everything she loved. At last, her life seemed to be destined for true happiness. But there were those who would try to take all of that away from her — those whose jealousy, rage, and envy ruled their worlds. Emotions she never felt in herself but powerful enough in others who would stop at nothing to rip her world to shreds and torment her in her nightmares, bringing them menacingly into her life. When disturbing events and seemingly random vicious acts converge, who does she trust? Is everyone in her life as they appear, or is someone hiding a sinister secret? A secret that could destroy her world - or cost her her life.

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Author: Neal Shusterman
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2012-02-21
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 1439115354
Rating: 4.5/5 (54 downloads)

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Beneath the sewer grates and manholes of the city lies a strange and secret world called the Downside. Every Downsider knows that it's forbidden to go Topside, and most fear a collision of the two worlds. But fourteen-year-old Talon is curious about what goes on above ground, and one day he ventures out in search of medicine for his ailing sister. There he meets Lindsay, who is as curious about Talon's world as he is about hers. When Lindsay visits the Downside for the first time, she marvels at the spirit of the Downsiders, and the way they create works of art from topside "trash," like old subway tokens and forgotten earrings. As awed as she is by the Downside, however, she also questions its origins, and when she finds out that this fantastic world is not all it appears to be, she is determined to tell Talon the truth. Then a construction accident threatens to crush Talon's world, and his loyalty is put to the test. Can the truth save the Downside, or will it destroy an entire civilization? Neal Shusterman takes readers on an amazing journey into a place that's only a few steps away, yet beyond their wildest dreams.

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The Same Lie Twice

Author: Ron Goulart
Publsiher: Overamstel Uitgevers
Total Pages: 123
Release: 2012-09-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9049983294
Rating: 4.3/5 (94 downloads)

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A copywriter’s wife has vanished, and only John Easy is slick enough to save her Jim Benning makes $25,000 a year writing drivel for the admen at the Arbogast & Joseph Agency, and his wife thinks he’s worth a whole lot less. Joanna is a model: nervous, beautiful, and prone to meltdowns. In a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage, she agrees to a few sessions with a psychiatrist in San Ignacio—a quack whose psychobabble is more sinister than it appears. But when Joanna disappears, Jim’s only hope is John Easy, the hippest P.I. in Hollywood. Jim gives John a matchbook found in his wife’s purse for a club called Maybe—a swinger’s hideout where morality is not in style—and John plunges into the seedy side of sunny San Ignacio, where the copywriter’s wife led an entirely different sort of existence. To save Joanna from her shadow self, John Easy will have to swing harder than ever before.

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His Snow White (A Possessive Mafia Dark Romance)

Author: Vivi Paige
Publsiher: Vivi Paige
Total Pages:
Release: 2022-02-09
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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She came to kill me, but did much, much worse… She made me fall in love with her. Selina Yeltsin: black hair, pale complexion and curves for days… she’s like Snow White. If Snow White were a hired killer. Her dad was one of the biggest of the Olaf family bosses. Until Selina’s stepmother had him assassinated. Then Selina went to work for her as a hired gun. She’s polished off sixty-nine targets. Her seventieth buys her freedom. Guess who it is? Me. Aiden Mayne. It’s fitting, actually. Because offing people is my calling in life, as well. I’m sent to handle the problems that float back to the surface no matter how many times you flush. I’ve never stayed in one place long enough to settle down with a woman. Why would I? When I could have had anyone I want? Could have. Past tense. Because the moment I meet Selina, it hits me. We belong together. This is my woman. The one I’ll never leave. I’ll fight and kill for her. Even as she tries to kill me.

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Kiss Me if You Can

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2017-08-08
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1942288719
Rating: 4.8/5 (19 downloads)

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Hot Stuff

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 391
Release: 2017-03-07
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1942288239
Rating: 4.8/5 (39 downloads)

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He’s about to find out… She’s not just one of the guys. Annabelle Jordan and her two sisters were orphans in frilly dresses when they went to live with their sports-lawyer uncle in his world of locker rooms, bookies and gambling. Now the girls are publicists in their uncle's firm, The Hot Zone. Despite her upbringing, Annabelle is all woman. She's naturally drawn to real men—like her latest client, businessman and former football legend Brandon Vaughn. The chemistry is potent, undeniable, irresistible. Annabelle soon realizes that Brandon is much more than just another jock. And that she'd better hold on tight if she doesn't want to lose her heart.

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Hot Item

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages:
Release: 2017-03-07
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1942288271
Rating: 4.8/5 (71 downloads)

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He'll push all her boundaries and make her realize rules are made to be broken. Cool, collected Sophie Jordan loves her daily routine running her family's top sports management agency, as long as she gets to stay behind the scenes. But with big sister on maternity leave and little sis on her honeymoon, she's forced to step up to the plate. And a recent media crisis surrounding the disappearance of superagent Spenser Atkins is not going to make the job any easier. Enter star quarterback and notorious bad boy Riley Nash who, for reasons of his own, needs to track down Atkins. Up until now, Sophie has kept a strict no-dating-clients policy, but each day with Riley makes her rule near impossible to follow. With her job and her heart on the line, Sophie will need to make the toughest choice of her life!

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Under the Boardwalk

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 263
Release: 2020-07-07
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1947089854
Rating: 4.9/5 (54 downloads)

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Her twin sister is missing. When Ariana Costas heard her twin sister, Zoe, had disappeared, Ari left Vermont and returned to her Jersey girl roots to find her. Ari didn’t know what to expect from her search, but danger around every corner, dodging bullets, and a hunk in a leather jacket saving her was not it. He thought she was someone else. Detective Quinn Donovan thought he located Zoe Costas. Beautiful, dark haired and a perfect match to the description he’d been given, he believes he has his lady. Except as it turns out, the gorgeous woman is Zoe’s twin Ariana, the college professor. Suddenly, Quinn’s job is more about trying to protect Ari who is in trouble deeper than the Atlantic at high tide. There’s more at stake than trying to protect her without spilling his well-guarded secrets. Will he lose his heart and the girl in the process? REISSUE

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Just One Scandal

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 170
Release: 2021-07-06
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1947089986
Rating: 4.9/5 (86 downloads)

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A jilted bride. Her brother’s ex-buddy. An affair would be crazy…right? Chloe Kingston’s life is exactly how she needs it: safe and stable. Right up until her reliable, low-risk fiancé jilts her on their fairy-tale wedding day. As she works her way through the reception champagne—and wonders where she’s going to live—she stumbles into her brother Linc’s ex-best friend. If only Beckett Daniels were hideous. But he’s not. He’s everything her erstwhile groom was not. Hot. Sexy. Dangerous. And she’s just buzzed enough to want all that Greek-god gorgeousness to show her the kind of fun she’s been missing. Beck thrives on calculated risks, but taking advantage of Linc’s little sister isn’t one of them. What he can do is haul her tipsy, tulle-clad, tempting little butt to the bridal suite to sleep it off. Then move her into his spare room—which has the satisfying side effect of driving her brother crazy. They can’t remain platonic roommates for long. Not when the sexual attraction sizzles out of control. But when tragedy threatens Beck, pain from his past reminds them both that life doesn’t come without risks…and this time, they're gambling with their hearts.

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Hot Heroes Series

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages:
Release: 2022-01-13
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1685590209
Rating: 4.0/5 (9 downloads)

Download Hot Heroes Series Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

4 sexy small-town romances in one fabulous bundle. Fall in love with the Wards: sisters separated in early childhood who reunite and find true love. Touch You Now She’s gorgeous and determined to be left alone. He’s intrigued and intent on inserting himself into her solitary life. When Kane Harmon rescues Halley Ward from the side of the road, he discovers the most beautiful, wealthy, and loneliest person woman he’s ever met. She says she isn’t interested in him—or anything outside of her painting and her bungalow. Kane knows a lie when he hears one. Soon, he’s a part of her life and bringing color back into her world but is she strong enough to join him in a future than can be as bright - as long as she’s brave enough to try? Hold You Now A secret baby and a second chance. From troubled teen to successful contractor, Jake Nichols is used to starting over. From childhood to his recent divorce, he’s a pro at making the best of things. Phoebe Ward thought she’d never see her first love again. Until a client meeting brings her face to face with the sexy man … who is the father of her child. After all these years, they finally have the opportunity to finish their story—if they can find their faith in a happy ending. Need You Now She’s free from the confines of her father’s control. He’s the man hired to keep her out of trouble. For Braden Clark, getting paid to watch over a city girl on vacation seems too good to be true. She's hot as hell and determined to test her newfound boundaries, something he finds both sexy and arousing. Juliette Collins is eager to play and discover everything else she’s missed in her sheltered life—including the hot, muscular guy that seems to be everywhere she looks. But what happens when she discovers his secret? That he’s been paid to watch over her all along? Want You Now A single mom. His first love. A reunion they never expected. Andi Harmon wanted nothing more to marry prince charming. Her best friend Kyle Davenport believed he’d be that man. But after losing the girl of his dreams to the town bad boy, Kyle left Rosewood Bay and swore he’d never look back. But Kyle returns to his hometown to discover Andi is still there … and available if he can break down the walls around her heart.

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Just One Taste

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 177
Release: 2022-11-29
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1685590098
Rating: 4.0/5 (98 downloads)

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One grumpy billionaire. One sassy-sweet supermodel. Add in a tropical private island paradise. What could go wrong? As owner and CEO of Dirty Dare Spirits, thirty-three year old, Asher Dare has it all. Money. Power. Women whenever he wants. A private island retreat when he doesn’t. People he trusts? He can count those on one hand. When one of his best friends asks a favor—hide his twenty-one year old, supermodel sister, on the island until a scandal blows over—Asher can’t say no. But he doesn’t have to like it. Model Nicolette Bettencourt always acts with decorum. Yet through no fault of her own, scandal seems to follow her every move. When damaging photos surface, the uproar puts her family business at risk. And forces her into hiding with Asher, the hottest—and grumpiest—billionaire she’s ever met. Under soothing tropical breezes, Asher discovers that Nicolette is nothing like the spoiled brat portrayed in the tabloids. She’s warm, sexy, and a temptation Asher must resist at all costs—or he risks betraying his closest friend, bringing a powerful political dynasty to its knees… and losing the woman he loves.

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The Bachelor

Author: Carly Phillips
Publsiher: CP Publishing
Total Pages: 370
Release: 2002-07-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1947089749
Rating: 4.9/5 (49 downloads)

Download The Bachelor Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

THE BACHELOR The Chandler Brothers from New York Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips are back! He’s got wanderlust and no intention of settling down. She’s home to stay and has put her bad boy ex in her rearview mirror. After spending his life abroad, embracing his freedom at every turn as a foreign correspondent, Roman Chandler finds himself the brother nominated to deal with his ailing mother’s matchmaking shenanigans. Thanks to a coin toss, he needs to find someone to marry and fast. It shouldn’t be that hard in sleepy Yorkshire Falls where women fall over themselves to hook a Chandler man. But Roman only wants the one woman who got away. Charlotte Bronson is back home to put down roots and get her lingerie business off the ground. She’s not interested in her past or a man that chose to chase breaking news stories to the far corners of the earth over her. No matter how good they used to be or how combustible their chemistry still burns. It’s up to Roman to convince Charlotte he’s a changed man and here to stay. In honor of THE BACHELOR’s 20th Anniversary all three books have been updated and will be reissued with gorgeous NEW covers with the same content but modernized for your reading pleasure. The BACHELOR was the first book that Kelly Ripa chose for her Reading with Ripa Bookclub.