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American Photo

Total Pages: 130
Release: 1999-11
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Author: Dwight Cathcart
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2020-02-16
ISBN: 0976404397
Rating: 4.4/5 (97 downloads)

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LGBTQ people do not have a literature that reflects us. We differ by race, class, geography, gender, and age, and our fiction ignores most of us. We don't have novels about LGBTQ people who are discriminated against and abused and murdered. This is the result of the publishing industry, but it is also a result of our writers, who hesitate to write about the real lives of LGBTQ people. We know we are being abused, and our literature doesn't show us LGBTQ people who rebel. The Earthrise essays explore the effect of that failure.

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May Earth Rise

Author: Holly Taylor
Publsiher: Medallion Media Group
Total Pages: 564
Release: 2009-10-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1605420549
Rating: 4.0/5 (49 downloads)

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In this conclusion to a powerful saga, cruel deprivation and a full-scale conflict bring the Y Dawnus to the brink of annihilation. In the land of Kymru, High King Arthur has designated the talented pillars of society as the Gifted. These Gifted peoples are essential to his empire. When they are taken captive by the Corianans, King Arthur confronts his mortal enemy, Havgan the Warleader—a formidable opponent backed by menacing powers that threaten to end the magic in Kymru. Forced to enter a treacherous realm where captives are collared and sacrificed, where ruthless territorial boundaries are drawn and enforced, and where death by poisoning and torture are the norm, King Arthur and those loyal to him must fight to save their way of life and to liberate the Gifted. In this captivating and stirring fantasy, only the strongest survive in the pursuit of freedom. Only the deepest passion will drive away the evil that lurks in this mystical land of fragile kingdoms, powerful warlords, and ancient magic.

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In Defense Of The Earth's Centrality and Immobility

Author: Edward Grant
Publsiher: American Philosophical Society
Total Pages: 80
Release: 2007-12
ISBN: 9781422374597
Rating: 4.2/5 (745 downloads)

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Contents: Introduction; (I) The Diversity of the Aristotelian Reaction; (II) The Basic Defense of Aristotelian Cosmology; (III) The Earth¿s Centrality: (A) The Three Centers; (B) The Terraqueous Sphere; (IV) The Earth¿s Immobility: (A) Physical Arguments Based on the Common Motion: (1) The Common Motion; (2) Ships & the Common Motion; (3) Cannon Balls to East & West; (4) The Fall of Heavy & Light Bodies; (5) Miscellaneous Physical Arguments; (B) Metaphysical Arguments: Simplicity, Order & Nobility; & Conclusion.

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May Earth Rise

Author: Holly
Publsiher: Medallion Media Group
Total Pages: 482
Release: 2008-03-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1605423467
Rating: 4.3/5 (67 downloads)

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Paul Campbell has fought the Turks, Germans, and the occasional rogue crocodile. A confirmed bachelor, veteran of the Great War and Jack-of-all-Trades in the rough country of Western Australia, he is free to live the rest of his life in peace. He has only one goal: to make life easier on the residents of the Outback by flying medicine, supplies, and the occasional letter to those who live in Australia’s sprawling Interior. That is, until a wounded woman lands on his doorstep begging for a gentle hand and a warm kiss–even if she doesn’t know it yet. A new doctor, Helen Stanwood leaves the relative comfort of her San Francisco home with a mission. She will abandon and forget the pain of her former existence by devoting herself to helping those in need. But when she arrives in Australia she is faced with the realization that she can’t run away from herself, her past, or . . . The Flyer.

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Falling to Earth

Author: Al Worden
Publsiher: Smithsonian Institution
Total Pages: 314
Release: 2012-07-24
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1588343332
Rating: 4.3/5 (32 downloads)

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As command module pilot for the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971, Al Worden flew on what is widely regarded as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever attempted. He spent six days orbiting the moon, including three days completely alone, the most isolated human in existence. During the return from the moon to earth he also conducted the first spacewalk in deep space, becoming the first human ever to see both the entire earth and moon simply by turning his head. The Apollo 15 flight capped an already-impressive career as an astronaut, including important work on the pioneering Apollo 9 and Apollo 12 missions, as well as the perilous flight of Apollo 13. Nine months after his return from the moon, Worden received a phone call telling him he was fired and ordering him out of his office by the end of the week. He refused to leave. What happened in those nine months, from being honored with parades and meetings with world leaders to being unceremoniously fired, has been a source of much speculation for four decades. Worden has never before told the full story around the dramatic events that shook NASA and ended his spaceflight career. Readers will learn them here for the first time, along with the exhilarating account of what it is like to journey to the moon and back. It's an unprecedentedly candid account of what it was like to be an Apollo astronaut, with all its glory but also its pitfalls.

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Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media

Author: John D. H. Downing
Publsiher: SAGE
Total Pages: 633
Release: 2011
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0761926887
Rating: 4.6/5 (87 downloads)

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The entries are designed to be relatively brief with clear, accessible, and current information.

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The Earthrise Trilogy

Author: colin owen
Total Pages: 374
ISBN: 1326298860
Rating: 4.8/5 (6 downloads)

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Download Earthrise PDF


Author: Robert Poole
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2008
Genre: Photography
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Earthrise tells the remarkable story of the first photographs of Earth from space and the totally unexpected impact of those images. The Apollo “Earthrise” and “Blue Marble” photographs were beamed across the world some forty years ago. They had an astounding effect, Robert Poole explains, and in fact transformed thinking about the Earth and its environment in a way that echoed throughout religion, culture, and science. Gazing upon our whole planet for the first time, we saw ourselves and our place in the universe with new clarity. Poole delves into new areas of research and looks at familiar history from fresh perspectives. With intriguing anecdotes and wonderful pictures, he examines afresh the politics of the Apollo missions, the challenges of whole Earth photography, and the story of the behind-the-scenes struggles to get photographs of the Earth put into mission plans. He traces the history of imagined visions of Earth from space and explores what happened when imagination met reality. The photographs of Earth represented a turning point, Poole contends. In their wake, Earth Day was inaugurated, the environmental movement took off, and the first space age ended. People turned their focus back toward Earth, toward the precious and fragile planet we call home.

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Earth and World

Author: Kelly Oliver
Publsiher: Columbia University Press
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2015-05-05
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 0231539061
Rating: 4.9/5 (61 downloads)

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Critically engaging the work of Immanuel Kant, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques Derrida together with her own observations on contemporary politics, environmental degradation, and the pursuit of a just and sustainable world, Kelly Oliver lays the groundwork for a politics and ethics that embraces otherness without exploiting difference. Rooted firmly in human beings' relationship to the planet and to each other, Oliver shows peace is possible only if we maintain our ties to earth and world. Oliver begins with Immanuel Kant and his vision of politics grounded on earth as a finite surface shared by humans. She then incorporates Hannah Arendt's belief in plural worlds constituted through human relationships; Martin Heidegger's warning that alienation from the Earth endangers not only politics but also the very essence of being human; and Jacques Derrida's meditations on the singular worlds individuals, human and otherwise, create and how they inform the reality we inhabit. Each of these theorists, Oliver argues, resists the easy idealism of world citizenship and globalism, yet they all think about the earth against the globe to advance a grounded ethics. They contribute to a philosophy that avoids globalization's totalizing and homogenizing impulses and instead help build a framework for living within and among the world's rich biodiversity.

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Space - With Audio Level 3 Factfiles Oxford Bookworms Library

Author: Tim Vicary
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 89
Release: 2015-03-05
Genre: Foreign Language Study
ISBN: 0194632490
Rating: 4.2/5 (9 downloads)

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A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. This version includes an audio book: listen to the story as you read. Written for Learners of English by Tim Vicary. Is there anyone who has not looked at the dark sky, and the shining points of light above us, and asked themselves questions about what is out there? Where did our planet come from? When did the universe begin? Could we live on another planet? And one question above all - is there life anywhere else in space? Begin a journey into space - where spacecraft travel at thousands of kilometres an hour, temperatures are millions of degrees, and a planet may be hard rock - or a ball of gas. In space, everything is extraordinary . . .

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The Brown Boveri Review

Total Pages: 260
Release: 1935
Genre: Electrical engineering
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Earth Magic

Author: Dodie Graham McKay
Publsiher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2021-10-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 0738764558
Rating: 4.4/5 (58 downloads)

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Packed with rituals, exercises, spells, recipes, history, and lore, this new book in Llewellyn's Elements of Witchcraft series shows you how to enrich your connection to the element of earth. Join Dodie Graham McKay as she digs deep into the deities, sacred sites, animal guides, herbs, crystals, and stones associated with this element. Earth Magic showcases a wide variety of fun and fascinating ways to "get your hands dirty" as you enhance your magical practice. Explore the recipes, rituals, and spells that help you call upon the earth for greater power and wisdom. Discover how the earth element is used in cultures and myths around the world. Featuring illuminating essays from guest contributors, Earth Magic inspires you to practice magic in ways that create positive changes in your environment and in yourself. Watch the book trailer here.

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Human Rights and the Body

Author: Dr Annabelle Mooney
Publsiher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2014-09-28
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1472422619
Rating: 4.2/5 (19 downloads)

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Human Rights and the Body is a response to the crisis in human rights, to the very real concern that without a secure foundation for the concept of human rights, their very existence is threatened. While there has been consideration of the discourses of human rights and the way in which the body is written upon, research in linguistics has not yet been fully brought to bear on either human rights or the body. Drawing on legal concepts and aspects of the law of human rights, Mooney aims to provide a universally defensible set of human rights and a foundation, or rather a frame, for them. She argues that the proper frames for human rights are firstly the human body, seen as an index reliant on the natural world, secondly the globe and finally, language. These three frames generate rights to food, water, sleep and shelter, environmental protection and a right against dehumanization. This book is essential reading for researchers and graduate students in the fields of human rights and semiotics of law.

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Author: Sir Norman Lockyer
Total Pages: 676
Release: 1895
Genre: Electronic journals
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Download A Concordance to the Minor Poetry of Edward Taylor (1642?-1729), American Colonial Poet PDF

A Concordance to the Minor Poetry of Edward Taylor (1642?-1729), American Colonial Poet

Author: Raymond A. Craig
Publsiher: Edwin Mellen Press
Total Pages: 580
Release: 1992
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download A Concordance to the Minor Poetry of Edward Taylor (1642?-1729), American Colonial Poet Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The purpose of this concordance is to provide a thorough tool for Taylor scholarship, and to this end it is designed to anticipate the needs of the greatest number of Taylor scholars without compromising the needs of those with special interest in stylistic features of Taylor's work.

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Starry Messenger

Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson
Publsiher: Henry Holt and Company
Total Pages: 147
Release: 2022-09-20
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1250861497
Rating: 4.1/5 (97 downloads)

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Bringing his cosmic perspective to civilization on Earth, Neil deGrasse Tyson shines new light on the crucial fault lines of our time—war, politics, religion, truth, beauty, gender, and race—in a way that stimulates a deeper sense of unity for us all. In a time when our political and cultural views feel more polarized than ever, Tyson provides a much-needed antidote to so much of what divides us, while making a passionate case for the twin chariots of enlightenment—a cosmic perspective and the rationality of science. After thinking deeply about how science sees the world and about Earth as a planet, the human brain has the capacity to reset and recalibrates life’s priorities, shaping the actions we might take in response. No outlook on culture, society, or civilization remains untouched. With crystalline prose, Starry Messenger walks us through the scientific palette that sees and paints the world differently. From insights on resolving global conflict to reminders of how precious it is to be alive, Tyson reveals, with warmth and eloquence, an array of brilliant and beautiful truths that apply to us all, informed and enlightened by knowledge of our place in the universe.