Download An Adventure Around the World PDF

An Adventure Around the World

Author: Robert Chandler Stever
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 190
Release: 2016-10-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1524645486
Rating: 4.5/5 (86 downloads)

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The discovery of a large collection of gold nuggets at the bottom of a waterfall in an enchanted valley triggers a group to circle the world to gather world wealth without disturbing the earth or causing pollution. Some of the wealth would be used to fund Green Earth projects, with some as basic as solar panels, in addition to worldwide awareness of the pending disaster of global warming and destructive wars. They develop a small SeaDrone able to jet to the bottom of the seas for vast collections of wealthsome spewed from under sea volcanoes, others from sunken shipsand gathering rare elements concentrated in the seas. Other wealth hid in open sight on the earths surface. The SeaDrone also flies into the skies to post antiwar holograms above war zones. As the group travels, they experience many old cultures and share philosophies. Material from my subconscious library stored over a lifetime adds nonfiction reflections and history from around the world, with the past, present, and our future to be in the making.

Download Around the World in 366 Tales - September Surprises PDF

Around the World in 366 Tales - September Surprises

Author: Steve Wilson
Total Pages: 210
Release: 2019-06-26
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0244496846
Rating: 4.6/5 (46 downloads)

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Ten-year-old Sadie Meadows is reading in bed on New Year's Eve when she notices an unopened present beneath her window. She finds it contains a book called The World from Your Bedroom - There and Back Again, but when she opens it up and begins to read, she is disappointed to see it is nothing more than a travel book packed with pages detailing hundreds of places across the world. She reads the first page, then puts the book down just as sleep claims her at the instant that the New Year arrives. She awakes to find that, instead of being in her bedroom at home in Skipton, somehow she has been transported to Ireland, the location that she had just read about in the book. There follow a series of adventures, each set in a different location, as Sadie finds herself travelling across the globe as she attempts to get back home again. This month sees her journeying across China and the Far East into the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

Download Around the World in 80 Pints PDF

Around the World in 80 Pints

Author: David Lloyd
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2018-09-06
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 1471172414
Rating: 4.2/5 (14 downloads)

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'Part travelogue, part memoir and wholly engaging' Daily Mail Bestselling author and hugely popular commentator David 'Bumble' Lloyd takes the reader on an unmissable and hilarious tour of the cricketing world as he searches for the perfect pint. After more than 50 years involved with cricket as a player, international, umpire, coach and now commentator, David Lloyd has travelled the world. It's all a long way from his childhood, growing up in a terraced house in post-war Accrington, Lancashire. But cricket has taken him all over the globe, and he has experienced everything from excruciating agony Down Under to the Bollywood glamour of the IPL - he's even risked it all to cross the Pennines into Yorkshire. In Around the World in 80 Pints, Bumble relives some of the most exciting and remarkable periods in his life, showing how his travels have opened up new and exciting avenues for him. The book is packed full of brilliant stories from famous Ashes matches and Roses clashes, sharing the commentary box with Ian Botham and Shane Warne, and much else besides - all told in his idiosyncratic style that has won him so many fans the world over. His previous autobiography, Last in the Tin Bath, was a huge bestseller, and this one is sure to appeal to anyone who shares Bumble's unquenchable love for cricket - and life!

Download An Adventure in Missions PDF

An Adventure in Missions

Author: Stanley R Foster
Publsiher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2012-05-25
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1449751024
Rating: 4.1/5 (24 downloads)

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An Adventure in Missions is a personal and exciting adventure in life. -Discover a roadmap and guide to your adventure. -Discover many experiences you can learn from. -Discover things you can expect to happen. -Read about choices and results. This is a basic resource manual for anyone interested in missions. It traces a missionary experience, beginning with the call, preparation, service and the dazzling experiences of missionary life. Its an adventurous, humorous, tumultuous, and exciting road map to missions. Youll laugh and cry. There are important lessons in each experience and theyll help you in your life adventure. There are ways to recognize your call, preparations that need to be made, things youll need to work on and why they are important, plus how to recognize key people in your life and develop a ministry support team. You will also learn about things to avoid.

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The Action and Adventure Cinema

Author: Yvonne Tasker
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 431
Release: 2004-08-19
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 1134564945
Rating: 4.4/5 (45 downloads)

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Addressing areas such as genre, film history and style, action and spectacle, stars and bodies, action auteurs and the film industry, the reader covers both Hollywood and also European and Asian action cinema.

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Earn more Money Work less Have a better Life

Author: Simone Janson
Publsiher: Best of HR -®
Total Pages: 67
Release: 2023-02-07
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 3965964070
Rating: 4.4/5 (7 downloads)

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What the 3rd edition brings you: You support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press comments in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tested in practice, which also leads to success step by step thanks to AddOn. Because many people turn day in and day out in the hamster wheel and wish for a nicer, better and easier life. This does not have to remain a dream and the solution to the problem is called passive income. But unfortunately, very few people are really familiar with the topic of investing money and opinions about proper financial planning are as many as there are experts. So if you want to earn money through proper investing, you would do well not to lose track in the jungle of financial products between stock trading with individual stocks, ETF and index funds, gold, real estate and so on. Therefore it is meaningful to concern oneself more extensively with the own fortune planning, finally savings and thus the age precaution important for the pension are only destroyed by the inflation. Good luck and have fun reading. We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form. Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content in German and English as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process and Deep Learning, AI systems that use neural networks in translation. Moreover, we give at least 5 percent of our proceeds from book sales to social and sustainable projects. For example, we endow scholarships or support innovative ideas as well as climate protection initiatives and in some cases also receive government funding for this. With our translations from German into English we improve the quality of neural machine learning and thus contribute to international understanding. You can find out more on the website of our Berufebilder Yourweb Institute. Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author as well as one of the 10 most important German bloggers according to the Blogger-Relevance-Index, furthermore she was a columnist and author of renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia.

Download Round About the Earth PDF

Round About the Earth

Author: Joyce E. Chaplin
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 560
Release: 2012-10-30
Genre: History
ISBN: 1439100063
Rating: 4.0/5 (63 downloads)

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In this first full history of around-the-world travel, Joyce E. Chaplin brilliantly tells the story of circumnavigation. Round About the Earth is a witty, erudite, and colorful account of the outrageous ambitions that have inspired men and women to circle the entire planet. For almost five hundred years, human beings have been finding ways to circle the Earth—by sail, steam, or liquid fuel; by cycling, driving, flying, going into orbit, even by using their own bodily power. The story begins with the first centuries of circumnavigation, when few survived the attempt: in 1519, Ferdinand Magellan left Spain with five ships and 270 men, but only one ship and thirty-five men returned, not including Magellan, who died in the Philippines. Starting with these dangerous voyages, Joyce Chaplin takes us on a trip of our own as we travel with Francis Drake, William Dampier, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, and James Cook. Eventually sea travel grew much safer and passengers came on board. The most famous was Charles Darwin, but some intrepid women became circumnavigators too—a Lady Brassey, for example. Circumnavigation became a fad, as captured in Jules Verne’s classic novel, Around the World in Eighty Days. Once continental railroads were built, circumnavigators could traverse sea and land. Newspapers sponsored racing contests, and people sought ways to distinguish themselves—by bicycling around the world, for instance, or by sailing solo. Steamships turned round-the-world travel into a luxurious experience, as with the tours of Thomas Cook & Son. Famous authors wrote up their adventures, including Mark Twain and Jack London and Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (better known as Nellie Bly). Finally humans took to the skies to circle the globe in airplanes. Not much later, Sputnik, Gagarin, and Glenn pioneered a new kind of circumnavigation— in orbit. Through it all, the desire to take on the planet has tested the courage and capacity of the bold men and women who took up the challenge. Their exploits show us why we think of the Earth as home. Round About the Earth is itself a thrilling adventure.

Download Behavioral Economics for Tourism PDF

Behavioral Economics for Tourism

Author: Milena S. Nikolova
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 278
Release: 2020-09-24
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0128138122
Rating: 4.8/5 (22 downloads)

Download Behavioral Economics for Tourism Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Behavioral Economics for Tourism applies behavioral perspectives to business and policy challenges in the tourism industry. The book enables professionals and early career researchers to succeed by focusing on market and consumer trends, technological advancements, and the modern tourist. It covers the transformation of purchasing decisions, tourism hosting dynamics, digital mediation and disintermediation of tourism organizations, service design, and planning policy considerations. The volume concludes with case studies illustrating successful and unsuccessful behavioral tactics and strategies for tourism businesses and organizations. Provides behavioral profiling of the digitally-informed, mobile, self-managed tourist Allows the tourism industry to better understand tourists, both cognitively and emotionally Supports business success, technology development and sustainability in the tourism industry Features case studies on behavioral tactics and strategies for use in tourism

Download In Search of Adventure PDF

In Search of Adventure

Author: Bruce Northam
Publsiher: CCC Publishing
Total Pages: 460
Release: 1999
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 1888729031
Rating: 4.9/5 (31 downloads)

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These short travel essays from around the globe get to the heart of what the words travel and adventure really mean. In Search of Adventure explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of what travelling the world has to offer. The "Trampled Underfoot" section features tales of woe on the road -- the worst of the worst, or making the best of the worst. In "Global Issues & Viewpoints," authors explore the changing world, oppressive governments, and the homogenising of world cultures. From warm and inviting to raw and shocking, these non-fiction travel pieces present disparate viewpoints on the diverse world in which we live and leave no emotion untouched.

Download One Man Caravan PDF

One Man Caravan

Author: Robert Edison Fulton
Publsiher: Motorbooks
Total Pages: 355
Release: 2016-10-01
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 0760353301
Rating: 4.3/5 (1 downloads)

Download One Man Caravan Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This adventurous work records Robert Edison Fulton's solo round-the-world tour on a two-cylinder Douglas motorcycle between July, 1932 and December, 1933. First published in 1937.

Download Local Environmental Movements PDF

Local Environmental Movements

Author: Pradyumna Karan
Publsiher: University Press of Kentucky
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2008-07-25
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0813124883
Rating: 4.4/5 (83 downloads)

Download Local Environmental Movements Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

In light of increasing evidence demonstrating the irreparable damage humans have inflicted on the planet, some have adopted a defeatist attitude toward environmental crises. Local Environmental Movements: A Comparative Study of the United States and Japan illustrates how local groups in both Japan and the United States are refusing to surrender the earth to a depleted and polluted fate. Drawing on a series of case studies, a team of scholars from across the world discusses the efforts by grassroots organizations to promote sustainable development that respects the need for environmental protection and cultural preservation.

Download Running The World PDF

Running The World

Author: Nick Butter
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 577
Release: 2020-11-12
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1473567653
Rating: 4.7/5 (53 downloads)

Download Running The World Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

'Superb - a great book to fuel your wanderlust.' Mark Beaumont 'The ultimate running book, showcasing the ultimate running adventure.' Sean Conway --- In 2019, Nick Butter became the first person to run a marathon in every country on Earth. This is Nick's story of his world record-breaking adventure and the extraordinary people who joined him along the way. On January 6th 2018, Nick Butter tied his laces and stepped out on to an icy pavement in Toronto, where he began to take the first steps of an epic journey that would see him run 196 marathons in every one of the world's 196 countries. Spending almost two years on the road and relying on the kindness of strangers to keep him moving, Nick's odyssey allowed him to travel slowly, on foot, immersing himself in the diverse cultures and customs of his host nations. Running through capital cities and deserts, around islands and through spectacular landscapes, Nick dodges bullets in Guinea-Bissau, crosses battlefields in Syria, survives a wild dog attack in Tunisia and runs around an erupting volcano in Guatemala. Along the way, he is often joined by local supporters and fellow runners, curious children and bemused passers-by. Telling their stories alongside his own, Nick captures the unique spirit of each place he visits and forges a new relationship with the world around him. Running the World captures Nick's journey as he sets three world records and covers over five thousand miles. As he recounts his adventures, he shares his unique perspective on our glorious planet, celebrates the diversity of human experience, and reflects on the overwhelming power of running.

Download 50 Water Adventures to Do Before You Die PDF

50 Water Adventures to Do Before You Die

Author: Lia Ditton
Publsiher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 225
Release: 2015-03-10
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 1472901134
Rating: 4.1/5 (34 downloads)

Download 50 Water Adventures to Do Before You Die Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A definitive guide to the planet's finest offerings of activities on, in or under water. Featuring gorgeous photography and practical information, this is a must-have for thrillseekers and armchair dreamers alike.

Download Mother Jones Magazine PDF

Mother Jones Magazine

Total Pages: 84
Release: 1990-04
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

Download Mother Jones Magazine Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Mother Jones is an award-winning national magazine widely respected for its groundbreaking investigative reporting and coverage of sustainability and environmental issues.

Download The England Coast Path 2nd edition PDF

The England Coast Path 2nd edition

Author: Stephen Neale
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 541
Release: 2023-03-02
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 1844866203
Rating: 4.6/5 (3 downloads)

Download The England Coast Path 2nd edition Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The definitive guidebook to the entire 3,000-mile length of the new England Coast Path. For anyone planning a trip to the coast or a UK summer holiday, the new England Coast Path national trail is a hugely exciting prospect, and this guidebook shows you how to make the most of every single glorious mile. Environmentalists, volunteers, campaigners, land owners and politicians all came together to create this 'ninth wonder of the world', and from the opening of the path in 2020 onwards, anyone has been able to walk and wild camp along the entire 3,000-mile length of the English coast. It's a fantastic opportunity for all walkers, campers, fans of the coast and the outdoors. Stephen Neale has spent many happy months walking, camping and surveying the path, and from that experience has written a fantastically detailed and rich guidebook covering the route itself, along with everything from the best places to swim, hunt for fossils and eat seafood to hidden away beaches and canoeing spots. Fully updated for its second edition, with 100 extra adventures from the newly opened sections of the path and spectacular new aerial photography, the book is divided up into the 16 coastal counties and features 1,100 places to see, camp and explore around the coast. Each place has map coordinates and basic directions from the path, allowing walkers to either visit specific places or link highlights together, walking between them along the path. The England Coast Path represents what makes England so great: a little bit mad, a little bit proud, and the lucky host to one of the most spectacular and wild coastlines in the world. With this book you too can join the adventure.

Download Shopping for Buddhas PDF

Shopping for Buddhas

Author: Jeff Greenwald
Publsiher: Travelers' Tales
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2014-07-21
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 1609520955
Rating: 4.0/5 (55 downloads)

Download Shopping for Buddhas Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Jeff Greenwald's classic travelogue follows his quest for the "perfect" Buddha statue. At turns hilarious and moving, his quest features a cast of amazing characters — from a passionate palmist to a flying lama — who provide unforgettable glimpses into the daily life and culture of the former kingdom (including a wild ride on Kathmandu’s very first escalator). Greenwald doesn't shy away from Shangri-la’s darker side. Along with colorful descriptions of Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the book tells of the rampant corruption, art smuggling, assassination attempts and human right abuses that would ignite Nepal’s violent "People Power" Revolution in April 1990. A new afterword by the author recounts Nepal's tumultuous recent history — including the massacre of the royal family — in vivid detail. And a new preface introduces this 25th anniversary edition with some thoughts about how Nepal, and travel writing, have evolved since the book’s first publication. Shopping for Buddhas remains a must-read for anyone who has visited, or plans to visit, Nepal.