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The Seventh Victim

Author: Joanne Spencer
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 382
Release: 2011
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1456740997
Rating: 4.0/5 (97 downloads)

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In the past there have been a series of attacks on white and Asian women in a local neighborhood, and the police was under pressure to solve the cases. Tyrone Briggs was charged with aggravated assault in the crimes. Tyrone Briggs was a 19 year old high school basketball star who, at the time of the crimes, was living in the Yesler Terrace. Since the attacks had all happened in the same area, during the same early morning hours, they were considered the work of a serial attacker. Because of the close proximity of the attacks to the hospital, they became known jointly as the "Harborview Rape Case." Harborview Medical Center was next to a public housing project "The Yesler Terrace" run by the city. Tyrone Briggs had lived in Yesler Terrace with his parents, brothers, and sister for about a dozen years and was living there at the time of the attacks. Hundreds of young black men lived there, and the police were picking up those between the ages of fourteen and thirty for questioning. A police stakeout was conducted in the neighborhood to try to catch the assailant during this time. The general description given by the witnesses (most of whom were the victims of the assaults) at the time of the attacks describe a man who did not fit the descriptions of Tyrone Briggs, and the police officers had no reason to detain him. When the trial began the prosecutor seemed adamant that Tyrone Briggs was the attacker of those women. The frustrating injustice of the whole case made the Briggs family blood boil. Joanne Spencer couldn't imagine how it felt to be Tyrone Briggs, star high school basketball player now locked up in prison for something he didn't do.

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Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice: Analyzing Frequently Victimized Yet Rarely Discussed Populations

Author: Blasdell, Raleigh
Publsiher: IGI Global
Total Pages: 474
Release: 2021-06-18
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1799873501
Rating: 4.3/5 (1 downloads)

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Victims of crime may experience a wide variety of traumas that result in physical, sexual, financial, psychological, emotional, and/or social consequences. While the types of trauma can vary greatly and include lesser-known forms such as vicarious and secondary trauma, identifying and recognizing victims can be complicated. Throughout this book, experts and professionals from academia and the fields of criminal justice, social work, and mental health acknowledge victims historically overlooked by society, political movements, the media, and/or the criminal justice system - we acknowledge the invisible victims. Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice: Analyzing Frequently Victimized Yet Rarely Discussed Populations pioneers the assertion that our view of victims needs to be more inclusive by exploring invisible victims that are rarely, if ever, a focus of discussions in traditional victimology textbooks. To educate the reader and begin working toward positive change, each chapter identifies an invisible victim and provides the background, controversies, issues, solutions, and areas of future research. It is crucial to identify these gaps in the field as some of the most victimized populations remain absent from important dialogue on crime victims. This book is appropriate for a wide range of readership including but not limited to criminologists, victim service providers, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, advocate groups, law enforcement, lawyers, defense attorneys, criminal justice practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students studying criminology, criminal justice, victimology, social work, psychology, and social justice.

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Knowing Victims

Author: Rebecca Stringer
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 186
Release: 2014-06-20
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1134746016
Rating: 4.6/5 (16 downloads)

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Knowing Victims explores the theme of victimhood in contemporary feminism and politics. It focuses on popular and scholarly constructions of feminism as ‘victim feminism’ – an ideology of passive victimhood that denies women’s agency – and provides the first comprehensive analysis of the debate about this ideology which has unfolded among feminists since the 1980s. The book critically examines a movement away from the language of victimhood across a wide array of discourses, and the neoliberal replacement of the concept of structural oppression with the concept of personal responsibility. In derogating the notion of ‘victim,’ neoliberalism promotes a conception of victimization as subjective rather than social, a state of mind, rather than a worldly situation. Drawing upon Nietzsche, Lyotard, rape crisis feminism and feminist philosophy, Stringer situates feminist politicizations of rape, interpersonal violence, economic inequality and welfare reform as key sites of resistance to the victim-blaming logic of neoliberalism. She suggests that although recent feminist critiques of ‘victim feminism’ have critically diagnosed the anti-victim movement, they have not positively defended victim politics. Stringer argues that a conception of the victim as an agentic bearer of knowledge, and an understanding of resentment as a generative force for social change, provides a potent counter to the negative construction of victimhood characteristic of the neoliberal era. This accessible and insightful analysis of feminism, neoliberalism and the social construction of victimhood will be of great interest to researchers and students in the disciplines of gender and women’s studies, psychology, sociology, politics and philosophy.

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Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology

Author: Andrew Karmen
Publsiher: Cengage Learning
Total Pages: 608
Release: 2015-04-13
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1305465490
Rating: 4.5/5 (9 downloads)

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A first in the field when initially published and now a true classic, CRIME VICTIMS: AN INTRODUCTION TO VICTIMOLOGY, Ninth Edition offers the most comprehensive and balanced exploration of victimology available today. The author examines the victims' plight, carefully placing statistics from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report and Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey in context. At the same time, he humanizes victims' stories through compelling case studies. The text systematically investigates how victims are currently handled by the criminal justice system, analyzes the goals of the victims' rights movement, and discusses what the future is likely to hold. This Ninth Edition presents current coverage of the seriousness of intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual assaults in the U.S. military, acquaintance rapes on college campuses, shootings on campuses, whether arming for self-protection is an effective strategy, and similar high-profile issues. It also includes new information about survivorology and bystanderology as well as new material on practical issues facing victims. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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Crime, Victims and Policy

Author: D. Wilson
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 284
Release: 2015-06-25
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1137383933
Rating: 4.3/5 (33 downloads)

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This book provides critically examines how recent international developments in victims theory and policy are experienced within specific local contexts. The chapters approach key criminological issues including the experience of criminal justice agencies, policy formulation, the construction of victim identities and the 'discovery' of new victims.

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Figuring Victims in International Criminal Justice

Author: Maria Elander
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 196
Release: 2018-06-12
Genre: Law
ISBN: 0429492057
Rating: 4.2/5 (57 downloads)

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Most discourses on victims in international criminal justice take the subject of victims for granted, as an identity and category existing exogenously to the judicial process. This book takes a different approach. Through a close reading of the institutional practices of one particular court, it demonstrates how court practices produce the subjectivity of the victim, a subjectivity that is profoundly of law and endogenous to the enterprise of international criminal justice. Furthermore, by situating these figurations within the larger aspirations of the court, the book shows how victims have come to constitute and represent the link between international criminal law and the enterprise of transitional justice. The book takes as its primary example the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), or the Khmer Rouge Tribunal as it is also called. Focusing on the representation of victims in crimes against humanity, victim participation and photographic images, the book engages with a range of debates and scholarship in law, feminist theory and cultural legal theory. Furthermore, by paying attention to a broader range of institutional practices, Figuring Victims makes an innovative scholarly contribution to the debates on the roles and purposes of international criminal justice.

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The victim in the Irish criminal process

Author: Shane Kilcommins
Publsiher: Manchester University Press
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2018-03-20
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1526106396
Rating: 4.6/5 (96 downloads)

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Concern for crime victims has been a growing political issue in improving the legitimacy and success of the criminal justice system through the rhetoric of rights. Since the 1970s there have been numerous reforms and policy documents produced to enhance victims’ satisfaction in the criminal justice system. The Republic of Ireland has seen a sea-change in more recent years from a focus on services for victims to a greater emphasis on procedural rights. The purpose of this book is to chart these reforms against the backdrop of wider political and regional changes emanating from the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, and to critically examine whether the position of crime victims has actually ameliorated. The book discusses the historical and theoretical concern for crime victims in the criminal justice system, examins the variety of forms of legal and service provision inclusion, amd concludes by analysing the various needs of victims which continue to be unmet.

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Crime Victim Compensation

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Criminal Justice
Total Pages: 1858
Release: 1976
Genre: Reparation (Criminal justice)
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Victims' Rights, Human Rights and Criminal Justice

Author: Jonathan Doak
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2008-04-29
Genre: Law
ISBN: 1847314244
Rating: 4.4/5 (44 downloads)

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In recent times, the idea of 'victims' rights' has come to feature prominently in political, criminological and legal discourse, as well as being subject to regular media comment. The concept nevertheless remains inherently elusive, and there is still considerable ambiguity as to the origin and substance of such rights. This monograph deconstructs the nature and scope of the rights of victims of crime against the backdrop of an emerging international consensus on how victims ought to be treated and the role they ought to play. The essence of such rights is ascertained not only by surveying the plethora of international standards which deal specifically with crime victims, but also by considering the potential cross-applicability of standards relating to victims of abuse of power, with whom they have much in common. In this book Jonathan Doak considers the parameters of a number of key rights which international standards suggest victims ought to be entitled to. He then proceeds to ask whether victims are able to rely upon such rights within a domestic criminal justice system characterised by structures, processes and values which are inherently exclusionary, adversarial and punitive in nature.

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What Works for Crime Victims

Author: Alline Pedra Jorge
Publsiher: Editora Dialética
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2021-01-26
Genre: True Crime
ISBN: 6558777258
Rating: 4.7/5 (58 downloads)

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After the Second World War, the role of the victim in criminal conflict became an object of interest for academics. But it was only in the 1960s that the importance of providing protection and assistance to crime victims was highlighted in particular by the victims' movement, which inaugurated a new era of criminal justice in systems throughout the world. Moving beyond just the role of controlling crime and punishing the offender, the criminal justice system also began to contribute to the victims' rehabilitation and to help the victim to move on from the event psychologically and emotionally. Although some criminological research was conducted on this topic, the effect that the criminal justice system and victim support services have on the well-being of crime victims is still uncertain. The current study sought to understand the healing process of victims of crime, the potential consequences of their participation on the criminal justice system, and the support of victim centers. Moreover, it aimed to find out whether the existence of a Victim Support Act would change the treatment that the victim receives in the criminal justice system. Thus this research was conducted based in two countries – Switzerland and Brazil – where the outcome of the victims' movement on the criminal justice system was different, as was the participation of the victim in the criminal justice system and the government's provision of support. In order to conduct this research the qualitative method was employed, which is the most efficient to gather sensitive information. Interviews with crime victims were the main source of information. Hearing observation and document research were used as complementary sources. The results of this research show that victims who have contact with the criminal justice system and victim services are not more likely to recover than those who had no contact. This is to say, the support offered has no major effects; the influence of the criminal justice system and the victim support services in the emotional well-being of crime victims is rather neutral. However, considering that the sample is not representative, findings are not expected to be generalized. Instead, findings may give insight to practitioners or to future criminal justice policy makers, suggesting what may work to improve the emotional well-being of crime victims, as well as suggesting further studies.

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Crime Victims' Rights Act

Author: Charles Doyle
Publsiher: Nova Publishers
Total Pages: 104
Release: 2008
Genre: Reparation (Criminal justice)
ISBN: 9781604565256
Rating: 4.4/5 (652 downloads)

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Legal reform in the name of victims of crime began to appear in state and federal law in the 1960's. It can be seen in victim restitution and compensation laws, in the reform of rape laws, drunk driving statutes, bail laws, and in provisions for victim impact statements at sentencing, to name a few. Over time in many jurisdictions these specific victim provisions were joined by a more general, more comprehensive victims' bills of rights. Thus, by the close of the twentieth century, thirty-three states had added victims' rights amendments to their state constitutions and each of the states had general statutory declarations of victims' rights.

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American Mourning

Author: Simon Stow
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages:
Release: 2017-07-20
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1108211135
Rating: 4.1/5 (35 downloads)

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How does the way in which a democratic polity mourn its losses shape its political outcomes? How might it shape those outcomes? American Mourning: Tragedy, Democracy, Resilience answers these questions with a critical study of American public mourning. Employing mourning as a lens through which to view the shortcomings of American democracy, it offers an argument for a tragic, complex, and critical mode of mourning that it contrasts with the nationalist, romantic, and nostalgic responses to loss that currently dominate and damage the polity. Offering new readings of key texts in Ancient political thought and American political history, it engages debates central to contemporary democratic theory concerned with agonism, acknowledgment, hope, humanism, patriotism, and political resilience. The book outlines new ways of thinking about and responding to terrorism, racial conflict, and the problems of democratic military return.

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Crimes and Victims

Author: Carol B. Kalish
Total Pages: 202
Release: 1974
Genre: Crime
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Victims, Crime and Society

Author: Pamela Davies
Publsiher: SAGE
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2017-04-13
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1473910919
Rating: 4.0/5 (19 downloads)

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This book provides a thorough account of victimisation across the social spectrum of class, race, age and gender. The second edition has been fully revised and expanded, with two parts now spanning the key perspectives and issues in victimology. Covering theoretical, social and political contexts, the book: Includes new chapters on defining and constructing victims, fear and vulnerability, sexuality, white collar crime and the implications of crime policy on victims Examines a global range of historical and theoretical perspectives in victimology and features a new chapter on researching victims of crime Reinforces your learning through critical thinking sections, future research suggestions, chapter summaries and a glossary of key terms Victims, Crime and Society is the essential text for your studies in victimology across criminology, criminal justice, community safety, youth justice and related areas.

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Juvenile Offenders and Victims

Author: Howard N. Snyder
Total Pages: 44
Release: 1995
Genre: Juvenile delinquents
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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The Victims and The Fools

Author: Nadja Poderegin
Publsiher: BearManor Media
Total Pages:
Release: 2016-04-09
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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The turbulent love story of Marko Bozdan and Maria Maric unfolds during their brief reunion in London and is captured against the contrasting backgrounds of 1970s England and Yugoslavia, emerging from the devastation of the Second World War.